Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kitten Rescue in Kentucky

...and so it began with Heidi (now known as Buggy or Boogie!). We moved to Kentucky from Atlanta and the kitty rescue and TNR quickly ensued. Miss Heidi bug is staying with us permanently. We needed to add a KY kid to our brood, right?! She was the first "project" and since her rescue we have spayed and neutered 11 feral cats and rescued 5 more kittens and a stray mother. The homeless cat situation here in Lexington once again confirms my resolve to promote spaying and neutering with everything i've got! I am in the process of getting "The Snippets" going right now, so stay tuned. We gotta get 'em all SNIPPED so that we can save a gazillion lives! It's the ONLY way!!!!!!!

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