Saturday, November 28, 2009

Order Custom SnipPets before December 4!

Wowee! Time is whizzing by so darn fast! I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a month away. I am FINALLLY about to sit down at my art table today and start on some custom SnipPets and a few fun new creations for the ACC show in March! If any of you would like a special SnipPet made to order, please let me know by this Friday, December 4. Click here to go to my "design your own" munchkin doll or here for a collegiate mascot munchkin.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

20% OFF SALE!!!!

Well, it's almost midnight and the madness of Black Friday is about to begin! I think staying in one's pajamas and shopping on Etsy sounds much more appealing than fighting the crazy crowds at Walmart, don't you :)??!!

Everything (except custom artwork) in my SnipPet Etsy shop will be 20% off from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!

Full of gratitude....

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day with their family and friends and furry companions :)!!

I want to keep it simple today and just say that I am especially thankful for the multititude of blessings in my life. Amen.

Cheers and peace~~

I don't have any particularly festive photos, so I thought this one illustrated what I will probably look like and be doing later today. Here's my Teeny girl who always looks like she swallowed a pumpkin. Tee hee...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Basil, Elmo and Gilly found their forever homes!

After a week of posting my kittens on Craig's List and screening and conversing with potential adopters, I found good homes for Basil, Elmo and Gilly! It was an emotional rollercoaster as it always is. I am incredibly grateful that some kind people opened their hearts to these little ones, but I cried my eyes out before and after the adoptions. I get so attached, and I know that there is never a 100% guarantee that they will be safe and loved forever like they would if they were with me. But since I can't have a gazillion cats of my own, I have to trust my instincts and know that I did my best to ensure their health and care. Elmo and Gilly got to stay together and went to a nice family of 5. They also have 2 rescue dogs, so the kittens will have lots of activity and attention. Basil went to a sweet young couple who wanted a black kitty very badly. He is THE sweetest little boy ever, so I know they are going to love him like crazy.

More good little orange bobtail girls are going to Atlanta next week! I am driving them to Good Mews, the amazing no kill shelter that I have mentioned before. I can't tell you how excited I am that GM is able to take them in!

After that, I am going to hibernate for a few months and focus on my artwork. I REALLY need to produce some special work for the ACC show in March, and my heart and soul need an emotional break from fostering for awhile. I think my tear ducts are almost empty!!! I will still be doing some feral cat spay/neuter in December to ensure that fewer kittens will be born in the spring.

I'll be posting about a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop soon, so check back in!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bobtail kitten update and a little shout out to Lyndy!

My little orange bobtail kitten trio has improved immensely since the last time I posted about them! Elsie, Sylvie and Bonnie have more than doubled their weights and have become hearty, happy, bouncing girls! Elsie's bad eye is still a bit problematic, but 10 times better than it was. She and Bonnie are being spayed today and hopefully, the doctor will have some news about the prognosis of her eye.

I am in the process of looking for homes for our other 3 kittens. I HOPE that we get lucky soon!

I also wanted to thank the lovely Lyndy Ward for her Halloween giveaway! I was lucky enough to win a vintage 1967 Munsters postcard during her blog giveaway event!! What a super sweet and spooky treasure! Make sure to visit her enchanting blog, Today's Gold. THANKS, Lyndy!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A journey of the week at John Campbell!

I am back from my fantastically inspiring trip to the John Campbell Folk School! It was a wonderful week of focused learning and creativity. It's amazing what you can accomplish with no distractions, chores, responsibilities or electronics!!!

My mom and I both took Kathryn Walmsley's Animal Pull Toys class. She inspired us with her beautiful craftmanship and dollmaking techniques. We learned how to make an armature with foam and wire from our sketches and then layer paperclay details on top of that. The best part for me was her instruction on painting. She uses very diluted acrylic paints brushed on in many layers to create depth and dimension. Then, she adds shadowing and accents with pastels. I cannot wait to get a set of pastels and incorporate them into my work. They add such a soft, wonderful quality.

Kathryn showing us her painting techniques...

Me working on my Cheshire Cat....

My mom sculpting a Boston Terrier, inspired by her own rescue dog, Louie...

In addition to our excellent class, we enjoyed delicious food....3 home cooked meals a day!!! Heaven!! The meals are served family style and allow you to get to know the other students. It is great fun to hear about the other classes (woodworking, blacksmithing, weaving, knitting, cooking, etc.) and enjoy people from all over the lady came from Alaska and another one was visiting from Greece.

And in true cat lady fashion, I happened upon a homeless kitten one evening on my way back to class after dinner. I saw it running down a path crying and crying, so I grabbed a can of cat food out of my car and followed it until it finally stopped at a place on the campus called "Mouse Town" (very fitting, huh?). He was very scared and absolutely starving, so he gobbled up his shredded chicken. Long story short, in the next 48 hours, he was letting several of us pet him and was enjoying being fed all day long by the passersby. I went to Walmart and bought a carrier and a bag of kitten food, and during lunch on the last day, one of the students agreed to give him a home. I named him Campbell and packed him up that evening and sent him on his way! Thank goodness for a happy ending!!!

Little Campbell eating a meal at Mouse Town...

And voila! Here are a few photos of our completed animal pull toys!

Kathryn's exquisite bird sculpture....inspired by a Dr. Seuss character. She even made the tail feathers by felting wool roving.

Our fellow classmate's whimsical turtle and mermaid piece...

Mom's homage to her beloved Louie! And can you believe this is the first time she has EVER sculpted with paperclay????!!!! Unbelievable!

My version of the Cheshire cat!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Headed to the John Campbell Folk School!

My mom and I are heading to the John Campbell Folk School tomorrow!!! This will be our fifth mother/daughter trip there, and I am super excited to get away and learn some new creative skills. We are both taking a class on how to make animal pull toys with the amazingly talented Kathryn Walmsley. I took one of her classes on sculpting hands at the Folk School a few years ago. I know this one will be equally informative and inspiring! Check out this stunning pull toy made by her...fantastic!

I just can't decide what animal I am going to make!!! If you have any suggestions, please let me know. A cat seems fitting for me, of course, but I am thinking that I should keep my week cat free for a change :). We'll see....

I will catch you guys later! Have a wonderful week!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The SnipPets in Art Doll Quarterly!

I haven't actually seen the hard copy of the current Art Doll Quarterly issue, but here is a peek at my spread! The SnipPets and I are so proud and honored to be featured in such an amazingly beautiful magazine!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secret Weapon: Chicken McNuggets?

Last night, I headed to the stockyards to trap the elusive mama cat who had those poor sick kittens that we rescued last week. We had tried to get her several times before, so I knew i had to come up with a new plan of attack: Operation Chicken McNuggets. I am a vegetarian, but i can tell you that even I can barely resist the smell of those darn chicken nuggets. Well, it took about 10 minutes and that mama cat was in our trap!! Yahooooooooo!! I did a lot of cheering and jumping up and down...the happy cat dance!

I got this beautiful bobtail torti girl home and when i put the trap down, she started meowing and came to the front of the trap....ferals never do that. And then she ate the extra food that I slipped inside the trap while I sat there...ferals don't do that either. So then i decided to carefully put my finger through the side of the trap and touch her side. When I did that, she lifted up and started to purr and then began head butting the trap....ferals DEFINITELY don't do that!!! I reached inside and scratched her chin and she rolled right over. Oh boy, this poor sweetie had clearly been someone's pet and got abandoned at the stockyards.

Her spay appointment isn't until tomorrow, so i decided to bring her inside and put her in my guest bedroom. I let her out of the trap and put her up on the bed. She was purring like crazy and making biscuits on the bed. She is so affectionate!!! I am so torn now. I absolutely hate the thought of putting her back out there, but we have 6 kittens to find homes for and finding good homes for adult cats is extremely difficult. We'll just have to see what we can do.

I tried to take photos of her, but the camera scared her, so i can't share this lovely girl with you yet. BUT here are a few photos of Gilly and Basil...they are always more than happy to mug for the camera :)!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HUGE Halloween Blowout SnipPet Sale!!! 40% OFF!

First, a BIG huge THANK YOU to all of the wonderful customers who made October the best month for The SnipPets yet!!!!!! I am incredibly grateful for your support!!! You allow me to keep on creating and live an artists' dream :)...oh yeah, and help a whole lot of kitties in need (that's the best part!).

And now I am ready to clear the cobwebs out of my shop, so to speak. All of my Halloween SnipPet Spooks are 40% off as of today! Check out the SALE section in my Etsy shop. It's time to make room for whimsical new creations. I am headed to the John Campbell Folk School next week and will be learning some new dollmaking skills from one of the best dollmakers around, Kathryn Walmsley. I am SOOOO excited to have a week of uninterrupted creative time with no distractions!! Yahoo! It's going to be F-U-N!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It may not be the Ritz, but.....'s a vast improvement! I am talking about the garage makeover I did yesterday. I have been helping a man TNR the cats that constantly show up in his yard for several months, and I decided that I HAD to redo his garage for many reasons. I have written about this situation before, but things have gotten a bit crazier lately. The dear man, Don, who feeds the cats is blind and his wife, Jean, is confined to a wheelchair. They can barely pay for their own food and personal needs and yet still worry about the neverending stream of kitties that end up at their house and do their best to feed and care for them. About 6 weeks ago, Don had to have gall bladder surgery and called on me to feed the cats while he recovered. During this time, I discovered that his neighbor was starting to trap the cats again to have them euthanized. This happened a few months ago and I desperately tried to change their minds to no avail. They hate the cats...period. And sadly, the cats love to hang out under their shed and in their backyard. So, this time, the best I could do was sneak into their driveway and release any cats that were in his trap. Trespassing is certainly not my normal behavior, but there was no way I could see that happening and not do something about it. Unfortunately, since I couldn't be there 24/7, he was able to get 2 young kitties. It still makes me so sad to know that they are gone. They weren't doing anything wrong and we had TNRed them. To make matters worse, the aggravating, irresponsible neighbor on the OTHER side will not let us get his female cat spayed for him, so he has kittens on his front porch that I KNOW will end up in Don's yard eventually. The whole situation is ridiculous, one neighbor producing homeless cats, one man trying to feed them and get them TNRed and one neighbor carting them away to be euthanized. It makes me want to pull my hair out to say the least. It is SO frustrating when you try to educate people on the humane course of action AND offer to do all the work and pay for it, and they STILL won't do the right thing. Sigh....

Well, my next thought was to TRY to entice the cats to stay in Don's garage instead of under the neighbor's shed. So, yesterday, I took the plunge and cleaned out all of the junk in there and filled it with straw. That garage was a smelly, dirty, moldy, nasty, spider filled MESS! It felt SO good to remove years of ICK out of there! I created a nice, clean feeding station and put mounds straw on tables and shelves and all over the many nice, warm places for the kitties to make nests and stay dry and cozy this winter. I hope, hope, hope they will set up camp there now! Keep your paws crossed that they do!

OH, and as I was cleaning, a calico cat (that won't get in out traps) sat in the back of the garage nursing her 4 precious kittens!!! I had a feeling that there were some in there, but hadn't seen them until yesterday. I wish I could rescue them, but Carrie's Catnap Inn is at full capacity, so they will have to stay there for now.

7 cats eating on the front porch...

Don's garage...

All the junk! The "before" photo...and this was after i had taken a lot of stuff out!

The new feeding station...

The "after" shots of the garage turned cat barn!

3 of the kittens exploring their new bedding...