Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Basil, Elmo and Gilly found their forever homes!

After a week of posting my kittens on Craig's List and screening and conversing with potential adopters, I found good homes for Basil, Elmo and Gilly! It was an emotional rollercoaster as it always is. I am incredibly grateful that some kind people opened their hearts to these little ones, but I cried my eyes out before and after the adoptions. I get so attached, and I know that there is never a 100% guarantee that they will be safe and loved forever like they would if they were with me. But since I can't have a gazillion cats of my own, I have to trust my instincts and know that I did my best to ensure their health and care. Elmo and Gilly got to stay together and went to a nice family of 5. They also have 2 rescue dogs, so the kittens will have lots of activity and attention. Basil went to a sweet young couple who wanted a black kitty very badly. He is THE sweetest little boy ever, so I know they are going to love him like crazy.

More good news....my little orange bobtail girls are going to Atlanta next week! I am driving them to Good Mews, the amazing no kill shelter that I have mentioned before. I can't tell you how excited I am that GM is able to take them in!

After that, I am going to hibernate for a few months and focus on my artwork. I REALLY need to produce some special work for the ACC show in March, and my heart and soul need an emotional break from fostering for awhile. I think my tear ducts are almost empty!!! I will still be doing some feral cat spay/neuter in December to ensure that fewer kittens will be born in the spring.

I'll be posting about a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in my Etsy shop soon, so check back in!


Jill said...

HURRAY for all your kitties going to good homes/shelters!!! It has to be SO hard to let them go but they will all have happy lives thanks to you & your love & compassion for them. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for all of you! Purrs ~ Jill

Georgina said...

I wish I could have them...what adorable little kitties!!

Chicken Lips said...

What a wonderful gift you have to share! Your love and compassion is an inspiration to us all.

The Creek Cats said...

This is such wonderful news for your foster kittens. I know how you are feeling. I know how it feels to have to trust a complete stranger with a kitten you have taken care of and loved for months. So glad they have found great new homes. I don't blame you for taking a break. I, too, am on a break before I do end up with a gazillion kitties :) My last foster is now my newest baby :)

Ronna said...

I know exactly what you mean about tears. I handed over a kitten and only had him for one night and I was crying. But well done you! You're a treasure for all of us and the kitties out there in the world.