Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daisy SnipPet...most recent custom portrait

My wonderful petsitter, Jennifer (from Lexington's Petopia), wanted a special custom SnipPet to give to her mom for Christmas. Her mom's Havanese, Daisy, is her little shadow and follows her everywhere...you know, your basic velcro dog :). Daisy always sits with her and thinks she is a person, so I put her in a big chair in a little red jumper. Apparently, Miss Daisy goes by the nickname "Dirty Rotten Dork Dog", so she is holding a book entitled "Tails of a Dirty Rotten Dork Dog". And you can see her muddy little pawprints trailing across the floor. I hope that Jennifer's mom loves her new SnipPet painting! I had great fun creating it.

Feral Cat Trapping Adventure behind Kroger!

Home at Last was having their monthly TNR clinic this past Saturday, so Brian and I headed out on Friday night to trap some cats/kittens we had seen behind our neighborhood Kroger. After a long, cold night that resembled a wild goose chase, we managed to accomplish our goal which was 5 kitties...an adult and 4 kittens. That was a huge relief! All of them were spayed (they were ALL females!), vaccinated and treated with Revolution at the clinic. The amazing vet, Dr. Ubelhor, who does all of the surgeries is so wonderful about thoroughly checking out each cat while she is working on them. Two of my kittens were very skinny and one was getting sick so Dr. U gave her IV fluids, penicillin and baytril. I am so grateful for that extra care!! And she does all of this for only $10 per cat. Amazing. After getting them all back home with me, i realized that if those kittens showed me that they were tameable, then there was no way i was putting them back outside. Well, slowly but surely, they all told me that they wanted to stay inside forever (the purrs say it all!). These 3 little ladies will travel home to Raleigh with us for Thanksgiving and then we will work on finding them wonderful, forever homes. Meet Gidget, Annie and Punky!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Start a Feral Cat TNR program in your neighborhood!

This is one of my favorite photos of all time! These two cuties, Hope and Penny, are 2 of the very first feral cats that Brian and I had spayed in Atlanta several years ago. I still remember that cold night and how nervous i was about trapping. We have come a long way since then, but these two girls represent how our experience, knowledge, patience and PASSION started and continues to grow. Yes, Penny and Hope live on the street (not ideal, of course), but we witnessed firsthand how much healthier and happier they became once they were spayed. Not to mention, no more kittens would be born to die or suffer or grow up on the streets as well.
Now, after TNRing 100+ cats, we are still witnessing the positive effects of spaying and neutering and hope that we can continue to make a bigger difference. We have big dreams for this country progressing toward being a NO KILL nation and we have to believe that it is possible if everyone does their part. Please think about helping the feral/stray/barn/wild cats in your community. It is so important.
Early this week, i will be blogging about the cats and kittens we trapped here in Lexington this weekend. I thought it might be helpful to write about the process in detail.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Twinkle the Angel Cat!

I was juried into a really lovely website called Glitter and Grunge (www.glitterandgrunge.com). Very exciting! They are working on my page right now, so it should be up and running very soon. Every month, they have an Artists' Challenge and this kitty angel painting is my entry. The only requirement was to use vintage holiday ephemera, so i found some antique Christmas sheet music in my supply closet and Voila! This is what i came up with. She is available in my etsy shop right now (free shipping!).

Transporting Violet to Good Mews in Atlanta

The fantastic and amazing no kill, cage free shelter, Good Mews (www.goodmews.org) was willing to take my kitty rescue, Violet. I drove her there from Kentucky on Monday. It was SO great to visit Good Mews and see my kitty and people buddies there. I love spending time at GM...it is such a wonderful place. In the photos above you will see the beautiful kittens in their kitten room. Next is Hondo a HUGE and handsome boy who lost his home due recently. Then, there is Bruiser!! Bruiser is a kitty that i rescued in Atlanta many months ago. We had to have his tail amputated but he is going great and enjoys being at Good Mews. He is such a super boy! The last photo shows my best buddy's foster kitty, Tumbleweed. He came from Texas and only has 3 legs. He is too cute for words and full on energy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuart and Sunny SnipPet Dolls are on sale now!

I am really excited about my Stuart and Sunny SnipPet dolls! I found a wonderful website that can print your images on fabric. I had been wanting to make simple plush dolls so the printed fabric was the perfect solution. My ever generous mom is doing the sewing for me, and she even handstitched over Sunny and Stuart's spay/neuter "stitch" to give it a handcrafted touch AND emphasize my s/n symbol!!! 100% of the profits from the sale these dolls will go toward spaying and neutering cats barn/feral/stray cats in and around Lexington. I want to make more, so start buying them now :)!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Huey, Louie, Dewey and Daisy....Adoption Success!

This little orange tabby crew came to me in early September, and now they have all found their forever homes! Shoowee....it was quite an adventure with them. From that first night in the stalls of the stockyards...crawling around in the manure with the raccoons staring me down and a very angry mama cat protecting her brood...to battling a terrible case of the coccidia parasite....and wondering if everyone would ever be healthy...to a happy ending for all! These precious kittens were so sweet and loving. Their new owners are so lucky to have them. AND they were all spayed and neutered...that's a lot of lives saved...AND we were able to trap and spay their feral mother, Mama Snuggs, shortly after we rescued them. We have also "snipped" 3 of her teenage kittens.
There are many more to be spayed and neutered....one by one...little by little. I won't quit until i am 90 and can't move!
Stay tuned.

A few little Holiday SnipPets...

Meowy Christmas and Happy Howlidays! I just added a few dog and cat SnipPet ornaments to my Etsy store. They would make lovely and cheerful little hostess gifts or stocking stuffers. I love collaging fun holiday items at this time of year. It's definitely the perfect time to pull out all the crafting supplies...ribbon, paper, buttons, glitter, paint...the possibilities are endless!

Monday, November 10, 2008

SnipPet Bookmarks, Buttons and a Boston, oh my!

Bark! Meow! Woof! Purr! I just added a few new fun items to my etsy shop. I wanted to test out a few products featuring Sunny and Stuart SnipPet, my official mascots. Let me know what you think! And, I HAD to create another Boston Terrier painting. I simply love their sweet smooshed faces :). Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Keeping Feral Cats Safe and Warm for the Winter

It's time to make sure that your local feral, barn, stray (whatever you want to call them) cats have a warm, dry shelter for these cold winter months. As you can see, one of our little feral boys, Magee, is curled up on our back porch in his winter bed. We ordered insulated cat houses online at www.feralvilla.com. The best, most inexpensive material for keeping cats cozy and dry is definitely hay. Hay won't mold or mildew, and it reflects their body heat back onto them. You can make a thrifty shelter with plastic storage boxes and nests of hay. We have also ordered an outdoor heated cat pad from this site http://cozywinters.com/shop/kh-3093.html. We'll let you know how that works!
And remember, keep spaying and neutering your feral cats so that come spring, there won't be an explosion of homeless kittens!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

SnipPet Paintings are for sale on Ebay!!

I just put 6 SnipPet paintings on Ebay! The starting prices are super low, so you better begin bidding now! In addition, 10% of the selling price will go to the best cat shelter in the world, Good Mews. I will donate that percentage to their spaying and neutering efforts (of course!). Here is the link to my Ebay artwork http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/thesnippets or click on MY EBAY on the right of this page.