Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuart and Sunny SnipPet Dolls are on sale now!

I am really excited about my Stuart and Sunny SnipPet dolls! I found a wonderful website that can print your images on fabric. I had been wanting to make simple plush dolls so the printed fabric was the perfect solution. My ever generous mom is doing the sewing for me, and she even handstitched over Sunny and Stuart's spay/neuter "stitch" to give it a handcrafted touch AND emphasize my s/n symbol!!! 100% of the profits from the sale these dolls will go toward spaying and neutering cats barn/feral/stray cats in and around Lexington. I want to make more, so start buying them now :)!

1 comment:

lunara said...

THey are so cute!! i hope you sell them very soon.. ^_^