Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Transporting Violet to Good Mews in Atlanta

The fantastic and amazing no kill, cage free shelter, Good Mews ( was willing to take my kitty rescue, Violet. I drove her there from Kentucky on Monday. It was SO great to visit Good Mews and see my kitty and people buddies there. I love spending time at is such a wonderful place. In the photos above you will see the beautiful kittens in their kitten room. Next is Hondo a HUGE and handsome boy who lost his home due recently. Then, there is Bruiser!! Bruiser is a kitty that i rescued in Atlanta many months ago. We had to have his tail amputated but he is going great and enjoys being at Good Mews. He is such a super boy! The last photo shows my best buddy's foster kitty, Tumbleweed. He came from Texas and only has 3 legs. He is too cute for words and full on energy.

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aliceinparis said...

Love the name Good Mews! How wonderful that there are people out there with big hearts. Honda looks like my cat Monty!