Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feral Cat Trapping Adventure behind Kroger!

Home at Last was having their monthly TNR clinic this past Saturday, so Brian and I headed out on Friday night to trap some cats/kittens we had seen behind our neighborhood Kroger. After a long, cold night that resembled a wild goose chase, we managed to accomplish our goal which was 5 kitties...an adult and 4 kittens. That was a huge relief! All of them were spayed (they were ALL females!), vaccinated and treated with Revolution at the clinic. The amazing vet, Dr. Ubelhor, who does all of the surgeries is so wonderful about thoroughly checking out each cat while she is working on them. Two of my kittens were very skinny and one was getting sick so Dr. U gave her IV fluids, penicillin and baytril. I am so grateful for that extra care!! And she does all of this for only $10 per cat. Amazing. After getting them all back home with me, i realized that if those kittens showed me that they were tameable, then there was no way i was putting them back outside. Well, slowly but surely, they all told me that they wanted to stay inside forever (the purrs say it all!). These 3 little ladies will travel home to Raleigh with us for Thanksgiving and then we will work on finding them wonderful, forever homes. Meet Gidget, Annie and Punky!


Jenny said...

Yes, a girl after my own heart. I wish my husband would help as I see yours does, but oh well.

I am so happy you could tame them. I could not capture these recent ones fast enough. Now they are almost adults...at least they have their colony to keep them company.

snippetgirl said...

If you ever need any moral support, please feel free to email me! It's always nice to have people to talk to about the whole feral cat thing. Most people just don't understand, but thankfully, i am finding many like you who do care.
Many purrs for everything you do for your alley crew!

Jake and Micah said...

I just found your blog and I love it! Now I just need to backtrack and read all your posts. :)