Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daisy SnipPet...most recent custom portrait

My wonderful petsitter, Jennifer (from Lexington's Petopia), wanted a special custom SnipPet to give to her mom for Christmas. Her mom's Havanese, Daisy, is her little shadow and follows her everywhere...you know, your basic velcro dog :). Daisy always sits with her and thinks she is a person, so I put her in a big chair in a little red jumper. Apparently, Miss Daisy goes by the nickname "Dirty Rotten Dork Dog", so she is holding a book entitled "Tails of a Dirty Rotten Dork Dog". And you can see her muddy little pawprints trailing across the floor. I hope that Jennifer's mom loves her new SnipPet painting! I had great fun creating it.

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