Thursday, November 5, 2009

Secret Weapon: Chicken McNuggets?

Last night, I headed to the stockyards to trap the elusive mama cat who had those poor sick kittens that we rescued last week. We had tried to get her several times before, so I knew i had to come up with a new plan of attack: Operation Chicken McNuggets. I am a vegetarian, but i can tell you that even I can barely resist the smell of those darn chicken nuggets. Well, it took about 10 minutes and that mama cat was in our trap!! Yahooooooooo!! I did a lot of cheering and jumping up and down...the happy cat dance!

I got this beautiful bobtail torti girl home and when i put the trap down, she started meowing and came to the front of the trap....ferals never do that. And then she ate the extra food that I slipped inside the trap while I sat there...ferals don't do that either. So then i decided to carefully put my finger through the side of the trap and touch her side. When I did that, she lifted up and started to purr and then began head butting the trap....ferals DEFINITELY don't do that!!! I reached inside and scratched her chin and she rolled right over. Oh boy, this poor sweetie had clearly been someone's pet and got abandoned at the stockyards.

Her spay appointment isn't until tomorrow, so i decided to bring her inside and put her in my guest bedroom. I let her out of the trap and put her up on the bed. She was purring like crazy and making biscuits on the bed. She is so affectionate!!! I am so torn now. I absolutely hate the thought of putting her back out there, but we have 6 kittens to find homes for and finding good homes for adult cats is extremely difficult. We'll just have to see what we can do.

I tried to take photos of her, but the camera scared her, so i can't share this lovely girl with you yet. BUT here are a few photos of Gilly and Basil...they are always more than happy to mug for the camera :)!!


Roz & Aidy said...

I wish I lived close to you as we would take her and give her a good home! Both our cats are rescue and cilla was 3 when we took her on ;o) I hope you manage to find her a good home xx

Ronna said...

Great story. Those darn Chicken McNuggets eh? Who can resist 'em? I wish I lived closer. I'd take Mama in a minute...although I'm not sure what the five I have around here would say about that.
Keep up the wonderful work kiddo!

The Creek Cats said...

I had heard of KFC, but not McNuggets....good to know! Now I know to try McNuggets, half and half (that's how we got our elusive momma) and bacon!
Bless her heart. I bet you are torn, that's a tough one! I wish a good home would become available very soon for her!!

Love that funny pic of Basil and Gilly is such a doll!!

Great work, Carrie!!!

Jill said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got your mama cat. She sounds like such a sweetheart. Will you let her see her kittens? I'm sure when you get her story out to the public you won't have any trouble finding her a home. You already have 2 offers here ~ if they only lived closer! Have faith! Happy furry weekend ~ Jill

noodle and lou said...

that is too awesome carrie! chicken mcnuggets!!? who knew! you are amazing...just amazing:):):) so excited about your mounted prints...can't wait to see the final look!!! xoxox

Poppy Q said...

The kittens are gorgeous and we hope they find great homes. That momma cat sounds sweet, how could somebody just dump her? It must break your heart.

You are doing awesome work, thanks for helping so many precious kitties.

Tribal Horse Designs said...

she sounds so adorable ! Poor kitty to be abandoned like that.