Monday, December 6, 2010

Etsy shop update with visions of sugarplums!

Happy Holidays everyone! I just finished 5 sugarplum ornaments (3 are now in my Etsy shop and 2 others will be available for the Pfatt update) and 3 wee little critters on vintage wooden blocks. I was so excited to finally come up with a use for the big box of vintage tin jello molds that I have had for years. They make perfect skirts for these animal confections! I also have a box of crepe paper that is on its way to being vintage so I sewed strips of it by hand into little fluffy ruffles for their skirts. These sugarplums are definitely ready to dance and delight on a lovely Christmas tree!

I wanted these wee ones to look like tiny antique stuffed animals propped up on wooden blocks.


Pepi said...

Pero que preciosidades, cada vez que vengo a verte me deleito un buen rato con estas maravillas. Que tengas una bonita Navidad. Besos.

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Carrie,

Your smaller sculpts are adorable. I especially love the ones on the wooden sweet. When repeating the design of a particular character, do you use a mold, or just create? Just curious, as your seconds look so perfect. I hope all is well with you.