Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink Party!

My second set of parents (my in laws) came to visit this weekend and we had a wonderful time, as always! My sweet mama-in-law helped me decorate cupcakes and put together our new composter while Brian and his dad watched sports and did all that guy stuff. We had a little birthday celebration for his dad yesterday...a scenic horse farm ride out to Windy Corner, a charming restaurant that literally sits on a very blustery corner. Then we had pink strawberry cupcakes and played Scrabble...simple pleasures are the best!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now time to snap back to reality and get to work...


Ronna said...

Love your mini-cakes!

pinkglitterfae said...

ack! you are torturing me with your lovely pics of cupcakes, on this post and an older one, lol! glad you had a wonderful time, I agree that simple pleasures are the best