Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday Fun!!

First off, i must announce the winner of my bunny blog giveaway! Congratulations to a talented fellow artist/blogger, ButterCup!! My mini bunny clown SnipPet will be hopping to your place very soon! MANY THANKS to all of your who commmented on my giveaway post. You guys are the BEST! You bring lots of love and sunshine to my days :).

I took that photo in my kitchen. I scored those ceramic bunnies on sale last year at Ballard Designs and found the teacup planters on the clearance rack at one of my favorite shops in Atlanta. They are all sitting on an antique wooden ironing board. The window treatment in the background is a set of vintage pillowcases hung on a mock clothesline.

This next photo shows a piece that i refurbished last fall. I purchased this old dark wood Sears dresser at Goodwill for $62. My husband took one look at it and thought i was crazy, but i knew it had tons of potential. I thought it would work perfectly in our kitchen for storage. I primed and painted it, distressed the edges, and added ceramic knobs. I made a few of the knobs in a class and found the others at the Hobby Lobby 50% off...a huge steal! Can you tell i LOVE a good bargain??!

OH, and look, what IS that super cute piece sitting on the shelf???? Why, it is an adorably fabulous Lulette house by artist and blogger, Jenn, of Noodle and Lou!! I am a huge fan of the Noodle and Lou collection, and I am thrilled to have one of her lovely creations. Her artwork is as sweet and special as she is.

Last but not least, I want to remind you that my White Rabbit and Frog Prince SnipPets are now available on Pfatt Marketplace! Click here for more info.


ButterCup said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you! I'm honored and excited. Your work is beautiful :) I'm lucky to be the winner of this cute bunny. I will email you my address.

Pattee said...

I love your kitchen!
I love deals also... my husband thinks I'm crazy at times also... but I just laugh!

Jake and Micah said...

I love those giant bunnies. What a find!

Jenny said...

Love the cabinet. I really like the color on your walls too! My husband would have thought I was nuts too. I want to do the same sort of stuff when we start our ranch.

Anonymous said...

I love it ... and your creative vision!

Happy Easter!


Jenn said... are soooo SWEET Carrie:) thank you so much and I love the makeover of that dresser!
I love to give old pieces a new life like that. Hooray to you for saving that dresser:):):)

Happy Easter!!