Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cake Boss inspires some Wedding WIPs!

Ahhhhhh!!! FINALLY! I have actually gotten some sculpting done this week, and it feels GOOD!!

I gleaned some new energy and motivation from watching our favorite new reality show, Cake Boss. I can't tell you how much i love that show! My husband discovered it a few weeks ago and we are totally hooked. Every time we watch it I say, "Fly me to New Jersey!!! I wanna work for the Boss at Carlo's Bakery!!" It's a family bakery filled with creativity, cleverness, a dash of crazy and most of all, lots of CAKE! One of the girls on the show is their expert cake sculptor. She sculpts amazing, detailed decorations with molding chocolate. I really would love to have her job. But since i have ZERO experience with cake decorating (i don't think experience with cake EATING qualifies), I figure that career is not very realistic. I did try to find some classes here in Lexington but didn't have much luck. Then, a lightbulb went off in my muddled brain! What about creating animal cake toppers??! People have suggested this to me in the past, and i have made a few but hadn't really pursued it. Right now the idea really seems to click! I have always adored beautiful cakes and pastries (my favorite movie is Chocolat), and I love weddings and romance. Wedding cake toppers is the perfect way to combine my sculpting skills with other things that I enjoy.
So, here are a few photos of what i've got going on so far....hedgehog, penquin, cat, frog and rabbit brides and grooms! As you can see, all of the grooms have little hand sculpted top hats and the brides will have little veils. I found some beautiful tulle ribbon with lace edging for that. And i just ordered some tiny vintage flowers for accents and bouquets. They are all sunbathing right now. I am hoping they will be dry by tomorrow so i can get started on the painting. I can hardly wait!

I have also started on two pieces for the next Spookytime Jingles update. The first one is a mixed media piece using an antique clock frame. The black cat will be scaring everyone with a big BOO hiss! The second piece is a frog wizard with his own haunted house keepsake box.


Chicken Lips said...

What an amazing idea! Your work really lends itself to cake toppers! Absolutely brilliant!

The Creek Cats said...

These are so fabulous! Great job!!

I was watching a cake show a few weeks ago on WE, I think it was Amazing Wedding Cakes or something. I would love to be able to decorate like them!

Georgina said...

You WIPS are just adorable..can't wait to see them complete. I know what you mean about cake shows, I would love to work for Duff!! It's the same thing we do, just with a different medium. When I lived in Germany I learned how to make marzipan animals...I loved making them, hate marzipan though...toooo sweet. Hm, maybe I'll get back to that...nah, I like what I'm doing now!! LOL

Diane Costanza said...

I love them so far. I look forward to seeing them done.