Monday, August 17, 2009

Successful cat trapping weekend and an itty bitty visitor!

This past weekend was the monthly feral cat spay/neuter clinic in Lexington. I was debating exactly where to trap since i have many areas on my radar. Then, last week, i got a call from a man, Don, that I have helped before and the decision was made. Dear, kind Don is the one who is blind and whose wife, Jean, is confined to a wheelchair (posted about them in the spring). They are so compassionate and wonderful and always want to try to do the right thing for the cats that are constantly wandering into their yard for food and shelter. We had gotten the situation relatively under control a few months ago, but then his frustrating neighbor (who won't let us spay his female cat!!! nightmare!) dumped 4 teenage kittens outside to wander and multiply. In addition, he has 3 tomcats that also roam freely. Don and Jean were in a panic at the thought of even more mouths to feed. They are on a fixed income and do the best they can. So, i headed over there on Friday around noon to start our trapping adventure. By 1:00, I had 2 of the kittens trapped and left another trap for the rest of the afternoon. By 5:30, another kitten had fallen for the mackerel feast. I returned at 7:00 to set 2 more traps and bam! Last kitten caught! After that, Don and Jean and I sat on their front porch and waited for some of the adults to arrive. Finally, at 8:45, a black and white spotted kitty caught a whiff of fish bait and couldn't resist. I was SO happy to have all 5 traps occupied!!! Woohoo! I can't stand to come home without my goals met, so i was quite satisfied :).

It was way too hot in our garage for the kitties, so they got to enjoy an air conditioned evening in our laundry room. Well, they didn't exactly "enjoy" it....they meowed like a chorus all night long....but at least they were cool and comfortable. I took them to the spay/neuter clinic on Saturday morning and everything went great. The adult was a male and the kittens....2 girls and 2 boys. I released everyone on Sunday and they were extremely thrilled to be back in their own environment!

Here is the only photo I took. This is the adult male we trapped and another one of the toms.

I am taking care of a fellow foster mom's kitten for a few days. His name is Ralphie, and he is the cutest little ol' boy! Poor thing was rescued out of a drain at an apartment complex and has a bebe pellet embedded underneath his skin!!!! Can you imagine???!!! What kind of person shoots a kitten with a bebe gun?? Honestly, people never cease to shock me. Ralphie is amazingly sweet and relaxed considering what he has been through. He is very thin but his appetite is good, and he is going to be just fine. He even has a permanent home already lined up.

Check out his eyeliner! Too cute!


The Creek Cats said...

Great job on the trapping and reaching your goal! Yay! Doesn't that feel wonderful?

It really is unfortunate about that neighbor. It's beyond me why people don't accept help to spay/neuter their pets or just won't do it themselves!

The kitten, Ralphie, is too cute with that eyeliner! Love it! Sounds like he's had a very tough beginning. I pray the worst is behind him and he finds a wonderful forever home.

All I can say is....people are crazy!

Keep up the great work! I love reading about all the awesome trapping adventures!

Susan said...

What a little doll! How can people be so cruel? It's wonderful what you do! Susan

Jill said...

Ralphie's a cutie! Just look at those ears! He'll have to grow into those - ha!
So happy you got all those kitties trapped & fixed. Hurray for you! ~ Jill

Poppy Q said...

Awww what a wee sweetie. Ralphie has beautiful eyeliner.

Some people are just dumb about animals aren't they? I hate that these stupid folks dump these poor little sweeties and leave them out to fend for themselves. We should toss them out and see how they cope.

Φλώρα said...

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Jenny Carter said...

Prays the lord! I am thrilled that you caught so many. People cease to amaze and shock me as well. They make it real hard for me to love my neighbor, but you know that.

Oh that kitten is just precious. So sweet.

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Congrats on your captures!! What a fulfilling weekend!!

People are sooo strange. Why in the world would they not spay their cats?? Laziness?? I had an ex-brother in law who didn't believe in neutering male cats. Is that insane or what.

Ralphie is a cutie. Sadly, there was a kitten in the same situation on the news last week or so. Someone shot him in the neck with a bebe gun.

There's just too little respect for life anymore.

Take care, be happy!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing both artistic and with your advocacy!!

So happy to have found your blog and what an absolute darling kitten!

All the best ~ Sharon

Anonymous said...

Wow Ralphie...your melting my heart!