Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sending SnipPets on their way and a kitty spay!

Fife the Frog and Alice's Rabbit just got wrapped up and will be on the way to their new owners today! To make things even sweeter, the sale of these SnipPet critters went straight toward this week's feral cat spay surgery and rabies shot! Woohooooooo for that!! Many thanks to my wonderful customers for helping me help cats in need :).

Minnie, the feral cat, has quite a TAIL to tell! I trapped her quite easily at the warehouse where she resides on Monday night. And her transport to the vet on Tuesday morning went smoothly too. Well, when i arrived to pick her up that afternoon, the vet had some news that definitely shocked me. When they opened Minnie up to spay her, she had 4 full term kittens that came out crying!! They brought a little box out and showed me the 4 wiggling, squirming little mini Minnies :). They are all tiny tuxedos...look like little penquins. TOO cute! Unfortunately, when they tried to put the kittens with Minnie, she rejected them....wanted nothing to do with motherhood. Thankfully, the vet and her vet tech are willing to syringe and bottle feed them for the next 3 to 4 weeks. That is a HUGE job, so I am extremely grateful!!!! I will keep you posted on their progress...fingers crossed that they all survive and thrive. Poor Minnie was so confused and I felt awful for her. It was great to release her back into familiar territory last night. I know she was relieved to be back in her own environment.

Here is the current foster kitten gang enjoying our Lotus cat tree!! They are really making progress. It's hard to believe that they were spitting and lunging at me 2 weeks ago. Last night, they were following me around the kitten room like baby ducks.


Pepi said...

I've been a month away and see what I find, A bunch of cute kittens and your precious work. I love to spend a saludarte.

Jenny Carter said...

That bunny one was my favorite. I love how you wrapped them. too cute. I really want that lotus cat tree. So much better looking than carpet. I have been a bad blogger. I need to get updated. We successfully caught momma kitty yesterday. Yippy no more babies. Saw one older kitten. Unfortunately he/she will have a life outside. I cannot get the bigger kitten to adjust. So, he will end up being captive for a while. I feel bad that I took him from the other kitten now.. but fear releasing him to his colony now, cuz they will probably reject him for a bit. It is all a learning experience.

The Creek Cats said...

I know the new owner of the white rabbit will love theirs as much as I love mine!

Minnie had quite the interesting tail to tell! How crazy was that?! You have an amazing vet and tech to take care of them. Luckily you don't have to worry about Miss Minnie having any more youngins'!

Love that Lotus Cat Tree!! The 4 little ones are just precious!

Anonymous said...

Your packaging is inspirational! And I love that sheep, and the cats ae too cute with it!

Strayer said...

That cat tree is interesting. Can you take a photo of the other side, or a few photos of it from other angles? I would love to see that!

Minnie's "surprise" gift to the vet clnic is a poignant tale. You must have a saint vet for them to take them on. How wonderful.