Friday, October 30, 2009

Meow, Purr, Hiss...Cats and Kittens galore!

OH, where to begin...the past few weeks have been filled with cat adventures. I will just get to it and see if i can remember everything :)!

A few weeks ago, we successfully trapped 5 cats for the October TNR clinic. One of them was a torti mama cat at the stockyards who had eluded us for MONTHS!!! It was thrilling and a HUGE relief to get her taken care of. She had 2 remaining kittens from a litter of 5, so we brought them in as well. They were sick and needed some major TLC. I am happy to report that they are doing wonderfully now! We were also able to trap and spay another torti at the other end of the stockyards. We found out that she had been there for TEN YEARS having kittens over and over!!! Good grief, that almost made me have a heart attack. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that she can spend the rest of her life relaxing and that her kittens will no longer be subjected to the dangers there. In addition, we trapped a young orange bobtail boy in that area. Last but not least, we TNRed 2 male cats from other locations.

Excellent news!! Sammy and Skippy were adopted together 2 weeks ago. We ADORED those two buff boys and were incredibly happy that they went to an awesome home and got to stay together!

Here are the 2 rescued kittens, Basil and Elmo, who are fat, happy, wild and craaaaaazy! They keep me on my toes that is for sure. Elmo (gray bobtail) is extremely chatty and wants constant attention. Basil (black with white star on his chest) is a total love bug and full of fun. We also have Gilly (black and white) who i mentioned in a previous post. She has now recovered from coccidia and is having a BLAST with her kitten roommates. All 3 little goons will be spayed and neutered early next week and will then be ready for adoption!

There are 3 adult females that we still need to TNR at the stockyards, and we discovered during our last trapping session that one of them had a litter of kittens. Sadly, one had been stomped and killed by the cows...awful, i know. I can hardly think about it. The other 3 got very sick this week. So, my husband and I headed out there on Wednesday night to try to get them the heck outta there!! They were having an auction, so it was quite a wild goose chase! One kitten got in our trap right away, but the other two were so congested that they couldn't smell the tuna and didn't have an appetite. THEN, they had to let the cows run through the stalls, so we were dodging them, stepping in manure and trying to keep the kittens out of the way. Finally, we managed to get one more in a trap and I snuck up on the other and grabbed her. It was such a relief to get all 3...i wouldn't have been able to sleep if we had to leave any of them.

These poor sweet souls were absolutely covered in fleas, flea dirt and manure. It was ridiculous. I don't know how they were surviving at all...such strong yet fragile spirits. I bathed them gently and tucked them into a warm bed. They just passed out with exhaustion. I took them to the vet yesterday, so now they are on 2 eye meds and antibiotics. Their eyes look terrible and painful, but they should be ok. I was syringe feeding them at first, but they all ate on their own today. Yippee for any improvement!

Meet my precious orange bobtail girls...Sylvie, Bonnie and Elsie! I am showing you these "before" photos so that i will be able to show you some transformed "after" photos before long. These 3 are angels....such tiny troopers. Now, wish me luck in getting their mom trapped and spayed next week!!!


Jill said...

You deserve the Angel of the Year Award for all you do to help the kitties in your area! Bless you & all your sweet furry children! You're a saint! ~ Jill

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

They're all beautiful, Carrie! You did a fabulous job. I hope they all find wonderful homes. Hugs, Lisa

Johanna Parker said...

Oh, you are just an angel Carrie!.. I can only imagine what you have been through in both rescuing these sweet creatures and nursing them back to health.... I am sure they are so grateful to have you watching over them..... Thank you for sharing your adventures, and I wish you all the best in caring for these dear little fur babies....

~ Johanna