Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little cat chat....

Good news!! Suki and Oscar went to their new loving home on Saturday. I am so thrilled that they were adopted together, and their new family adores them. Woohoo for a happy ending!
Now, i just need to find a wonderful home for their brothers, Sammy and Skippy. These two are literally the sweetest boys EVER! They are my bundles of joy. Both of them purr immediately when they lay eyes on you and love to snuggle. They play hard too....everything they see is a toy! Whoever ends up adopting them is going to be super lucky because they are so amazing.

My vet called this morning and begged me to take a kitten that had been run over by a car. How could i possibly say no??!! If I didn't, he would probably be taken back to animal control where he would meet a terrible fate. I had wanted to take a little break from fostering, but that just isn't going to happen any time soon. Our amazing vet has done so much to help with our rescued cats and kittens, so I want to help THEM as much as I want to help the kitten. They are the most compassionate, generous vet clinic I have dealt with. I will be picking up the little one tomorrow, so I will give you an update soon.

This weekend is the monthly TNR clinic, so I will be heading to the stockyards to try to trap 5 feral cats and kittens. Paws crossed that we fill all 5 slots!!


The Creek Cats said...

Yay for Suki and Oscar!! Hope our Sebastian and Reilly as so lucky to find a forever home together too!

Bless you for taking on that poor kitten that was HBC. Poor thing!! I know it will thrive in your care and I can't wait to hear updates!

Best of luck getting 5 kitties for the TNR clinic!!!

Ronna said...

What cuties!! My boyfriend had 2 tiny babies show up so he took them in. We tried to get them adopted but he fell in love with them before we could. So he's at 4 and I'm at 5. Cat's happen as they say!! Keep up the great work.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Good for you! Cats are such delightful animals! You do good work!

Anonymous said...

That is very good news! I am glad that Suki and Oscar found a home together! I cant wait to see your new little one. It is very lucky that you have such a BIG heart. Good luck with the 5 cats i hope you get each and every single one!!