Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spreading the Valentine LOVE!

Yesterday evening after I finished up my sculpting for the day, I decided to have a floor picnic of sorts. I pulled out a blanket and spread Valentine supplies all over the place! While I snacked on French truffles, I packed up little Valentine goodies and cards and gifts for friends and family. It seems like my cats always sense when I am doing art projects because within minutes i was surrounded by furry onlookers who wanted to partake in the fun....especially "helping" with beribboning packages :).

I recently purchased a wonderful sheep painting from fellow Etsy and STJ artist, Lisa Nelson. She included the sweetest surprise made just for me! LOOK at that snipped Valentine kitty!!!! SOOOO purrfect! Click here to check out her lovely artwork: Bucks County Designs

...and here are some adorable little zipper pouches from Kukubee. I love these!! Can't wait to give them to of my cat lady friends.

These "Anytime Valentines" from The Black Apple are super cute.

Rooney, my very special assistant!


The Creek Cats said...

So cute! Love the zipper pouches!! Isn't Valentine's day so fun?

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♥ The Creek Cats

Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Aw, thanks so much for putting me in the Valentine's Day spirit, Carrie! Love your assistant. Mine are the same - just bring out the ribbon and they all come running. Enjoy your day!

Ronna said...

I love Rooney!

Jill said...

That Snipped Kitty Valentine is just adorable! Love the zipper pouches too. Rooney sure is handsome! I too have furry helpers in my studio all the time! Happy Valentine's Day ~ Jill