Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Horse Mania 2010

The weather in Lexington was absolutely spectacular last weekend, so we took a walking tour of the painted horses displayed around town for Horse Mania 2010. I see many of them every day while driving, but seeing them up close is a whole different experience. There are over 80 horses done by local artists and 50 foals painted by Lexington children. My in laws were in town for Labor Day weekend so this was such a perfectly fun way to entertain them too! I LOVE the wonderful, whimsical feeling they give to our city. We saw 40+ horses up close and took tons of photos, but I will share a few of my favorites with you.

Inspired by The Strand movie the pop art/retro look of this.

This is my second favorite...adore the bright colors and mixed patterns.

...and how could I resist an Alice themed horse!

This graphic design on this one is awesome...

The most clever and creative one of all....a godiva chocolate horse!


Jake and Micah said...

I heard about this program awhile back when they were creating the horses. I love them! My favorites are the graphic one and the Godiva one of course! I loved the cows a few years back. I used to take photos with them when I lived in NYC.

Ewa said...

Beautiful horses!We've got similar cows in Poland:)