Monday, August 30, 2010


Oh me, I just wrote a whole post about this sweet girl and it got deleted for some reason!! Oh well, I am just going to copy and paste what I wrote about Nadia for the Good Mews excuse the strange point of view. Nadia and I are road trippin' it to Atlanta tomorrow. I wanted to introduce her to you before she heads on to her next adnveture.

"Nadia is ready for a quiet, loving home after a few rough months!
First, she was abandoned outside in May in a neighborhood in Lexington
KY. She managed to find a feral colony and the kind colony caretaker
was concerned about this scared new visitor. Eventually the caretaker
was able to get close enough to realize that poor Nadia was declawed
and completely defenseless. To top it off, some of the more dominant
feral kitties were beating her up and wouldn't allow her to eat. The
caretaker tried to find an indoor home for Nadia and a family took her
in but she was terrified of their boisterious child so back outside
she went. Fortunately, Miss Nadia's luck turned around when another KY
cat lady contacted Good Mews and they agreed to take her in! Nadia was
extremely thin and not feeling very well at first, but her appetite
has improved and she is doing so much better. Sweet Nadia is a
beautiful girl with a tiny bobtail that wiggles when she is happy. And
what makes her happiest is to be sitting in a warm lap! As soon as you
lie down in the bed, she will crawl right onto your legs and purr.
Nadia is gentle and low key and just wants to be with someone who will
give her the wonderful life she deserves."


The Creek Cats said...

Nadia, you super lucky, beautiful girl!! We are so glad to hear you are going to the wonderful rescue, Good Mews!! Best of luck finding your forever home, sweetheart!!! Bless you, Carrie!

Ascension said...

Preciosa gatita!!!!
Una chica con suerte.
besitos ascension

Jill said...

Best wishes to Nadia & her trip to Good Mews ~ someone will surely snatch up that sweet girl very soon!

~Tonya said...

Sweet Nadia is so beautiful. I hope she finds a loving and caring forever home.

So many sweet kitties out there, homeless. So nice of caring souls like you to help out. You have a kind heart.