Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pfatt update sneak peek!

I feel like I have been totally out of the blog loop over the past few weeks. I have had some challenges lately, but hopefully things will be back to normal soon. I have LOTS of ideas for fun Christmas SnipPets and am anxious to get rolling on them!!!

I just finished up a holiday owl for the Pfatt update tomorrow. This one is a bit larger and more detailed/realistic than my Halloween owls. I think he has sort of a Scandinavian look. He is quite dapper with his golden acorn cap, diamond dust encrusted star wand and red and green collar.


sassypackrat said...

Oh he's just wonderful!

Jenny Carter said...

He's awesome!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Carrie,

Love the owl......very cute. Hey is Sandy Wood still the contact person for PFATT Marketplace? I was accepted into the group about 2 years ago, but couldn't afford the fee. I'd like to contact them again and see if I'm still a contender. Lookin' forward to all your Christmas goodies. Stop by and check out my new blog look.


Jenny Carter said...

I am having a blog giveaway on my new sales blog. Come check it out.

Marijke said...

He is lovely!

Marijke said...

I love him!