Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TNR 2011: The Body Shop Cats

Our first TNR project for the year is supposed to start today. It is snowing, so I am not sure if we will postpone until tomorrow....but the plan is to begin trapping this afternoon. I was informed about a colony of cats living at a body shop a few miles from our house. I have been going there on Saturdays for about a month to assess the situation and then my cat lady friends and I finally went to meet the owner yesterday. Thankfully, he was extremely receptive to the idea of TNR and was really grateful to know they will FINALLY be spayed/neutered and fully vetted. You could tell he was exhausted from worrying about them and trying to rescue and find homes for all of the kittens. It all started with one stray torti girl 4 years ago. There are currently at least 12 adults. They are very well fed and have shelters but several of them are quite matted and a few are very sniffly and congested. It is certainly time for them to get proper vet care. I love seeing TNRed kitties blossom into healthy, hearty cats once they are snipped! Our main target is the torti queen mama...she is obviously already pregnant so we gotta work fast!

Paws crossed that we can get them all taken care of this week!


GraceBeading said...

Beautiful cats, so glad to read the shop owner is receptive - HOORAY! Wishing you much success on this TNR.

Pixie said...

Those are gorgeous kitties!

MyPinkTurtle said...

Carrie, you are INCREDIBLE ! Thank God for angels like YOU ! Keeping my fingers crossed you get them all easily and find good homes for them ! Love, LuLu xxx

Maggie May said...

Yay! Isn't it such a wonderful relief when a "caretaker" is happy to have you help them! Wonderful!!! Best of luck with this colony!

Oh yes, and it's so rewarding to see scrawny, sick feral cats blossom into healthy kitties with meat on their bones and a bit of a tummy pudge :)

P.S. Have you and your cat lady friends thought of becoming incorporated and getting your non-profit status? My group has really benefited from the PetSmart Charities grant we've received.

snippetgirl said...

Thanks for the kind support from all of you! We are able to get their vet care through the low cost TNR group we work with as well as the low cost spay/neuter program at our local humane society. Thank goodness for those resources!!
Purrs and hugs~~