Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My BFF...Miss Munks

Punkamunk has been with us for 8 months this week and she is truly my best little friend. She lives in my big art room because she hates other cats and due to her heart condition she needs to remain stress free. The perk of this for both of us is that we spend all day together. When I am on the computer, she sits right in front of the keyboard and washes my hands while I helpful! When I am sculpting and painting, she sits on my table and supervises. When I need a power nap in my big chaise chair, she lays her head next to mine on the pillow. When I exercise with my workout DVDs, she chases her balls or lies down next to me while I do crunches and push ups. She even rubs my face while I am doing downward dog....the purrfect encouragement during a hard yoga session!

Punkamunk, you are the best friend that a girl could ever hope for. Someone else's loss was certainly my gain! I love you, little butterball lady.


Ronna said...

Is there anything cuter than Punkamunk? What a sweetheart!!

Jenny Carter said...

awe. How sweet. I am so happy she found you. I love happy endings.