Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next project on the table....

First of all, Happy First day of spring!!!!!!! I have been counting the seconds for warm weather, flowers and chirping birds to arrive and it is finally here. I am BEYOND thrilled that the snow and ice are over for now. It is so nice to see my feral kitties rolling around in the sunshine and napping comfortably in the grass. I can't wait to join them in the yard and clean up the flower beds and get some new lovelies planted. But for now, I have lots of work waiting at the art table.

I am working on a few custom rabbits and this very special "Sailor Sam" doll. I am creating this by request for a wonderful children's book writer and illustrator. I will give more details about her and the significance of Sam soon. Here is my sketch of him and the armature I built last week.

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Jonty said...

I love watching these guys come to life & i am not even a cat lover. Just shows you how much your work catches the attention lol. Yet another superb project underway by the looks of it. Can't wait to see the end result lol.