Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Art and New Kittens

I still have the five foster kittens from Woodford Humane, and they are doing great. The little "Ds" were a bit sneezy last week so they have been on antibiotics, but their energy has been full throttle the whole time :)! They are WILD and crazy!

Last Friday afternoon, two more kittens came to me via a fellow cat lady friend. She had been called out to help a man who cares for quite a few feral cats. He had found a sick stray mama cat and five 4-week old kittens at his church (yet another sad story of waht happens when people don't spay/neuter!!!!). He did his best to nurse them all to health but sadly, three kittens didn't make it and my friend could see that the last two needed immediate vet care in order to survive. She took them to our wonderful vet and then brought them to me. Poor tiny babies were terribly anemic from fleas and barely moving. I bathed them, started them on antibiotics and a vitamin solution and syringe fed them off and on all night. By Saturday morning, they were already much improved! And now, they are eating on their own, using their litter box and trotting around happily. In fact, I can't get a good "after" photo of them because they won't sit still. Here is the "before" photo of Bugs and Bunny....

And what is on the table this week? A new hot air balloon! The White Rabbit is about to get POPPED by the Cheshire Cat. Bad kitty!

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Ann said...

there is surely a place for you at the right hand of God!!
you are a wonderfully kind ,giving and amazing woman!
sweet Bugs and Bunny!