Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween SnipPets to help cats in need!

Last January, some friends of mine and I started TNRing a colony of feral cats at an auto body shop nearby. This colony has really captured my heart (as they always do!), and I am now feeding them on the weekends since the shop is closed and the weekday caretakers aren't there. As winter approaches, I am already feeling anxiety about keeping them as warm and comfortable as possible. Right now, they only have one small shelter and that just isn't adequate for 11 cats. They also don't have a covered area for food and water. So, I want to purchase 2 insulated feral cat villas and 2 feeding stations from I have two of their villas at my house for our stray crew and they really love them. I also want to get several bales of straw and a few more small shelters to put under a big pine tree that the body shop kitties stay under. Once I get everything purchased, I will spend a day over there cleaning up and creating the coziest, driest environment possible. These kitties are most likely FIV+ (3 have sadly died over the past few months and one tested positive), so it is imperative that they get as much care and comfort as possible. The group of 11 is doing well right now (no sniffling noses or runny eyes) and they have huge appetites.

The sales (100%) of my newest Halloween circus dolls will fund this project. I have completed the giraffe and owl piece and it will be available during the Pfatt Marketplace update this Saturday. I am finishing up the other two and they will be up for grabs for the Spookytime Jingles update at midnight on the 12th.

Jimmy, Calvin, Diesel, Webster, Sarah, Emily, Jenny, Wendy, Speedy, Pete and Lisa thank you for reading about their needs :).

Halloween Giraffe and Owl




Eating in the snow last winter....they now have bowls but they REALLY need the covered feeding stations.

Once I get this project underway, I will post lots of "before" and "after" photos!


Trish Stover said...

bless you, Carrie.

Jenny Carter said...

I have two that are not really getting used. I think the two strays have a better place, then the possum moves in during the winter. I'd think about sending you one, if you covered shipping. I'd have to take it apart and clean

I need a covered feeder too! lol

ImagiMeri said...

Is there the option of getting them to a no kill shelter?


snippetgirl said...

Hey Meri,
Unfortunately, they are feral so they wouldn't do well in a shelter. And all no kill shelters are full to the brim with tame, adoptable cats right now. The owner surrender/abandonment numbers are particularly awful this year. And the guys who have been feeding these cats for years are very attached to them, so although it is not a perfect situation, they are well fed and looked after, and I make sure that they get any vet care that they need. And once I get their new suburban housing development :) set up, it will be really good.
Purrs to you~~