Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Valentine's Day Surprise!

I recently commissioned the wonderfully talented Susan Faye to paint a family portrait for my husband and I. She finished it this week and featured it on her blog today! It was a very special and heartfelt Valentine gift. Look how cute my hubby and our 6 furry babies are! Susan captured all of their unique Rooney's little white "milk" mustache and Rosie's funny white nose and cheek. It's just purrfect! Please visit Susan's blog for more info about her "Cat Ladies" artwork.


jane and the happy crow said...

Hi there, thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am glad you did as I have now found yours! What lovely lovely things you make your work really made me smile, the colours are lovely the characters lovely just lovely all over!! And I see you have six cats a lady after my own heart, we used to have eight at one time but now we only have two and one little doggie. See you again soon love Jane xx

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh how delight and fun!!!!! Cat people like me!!! This great your picture of your family! He he he he! I really like your happy and joyful style. It's come through loud and clear. Awesome work. So glad that you came by the blog. Thanks so much for your comments. They are so appreciated. I will be visiting you too.

Sam I Am said...

That is just ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love it!!


tammy smith said...

hi Carrie!
How are you? I love this portrait--now I know what your whole family looks like.
Love your circusy stuff too--the circus is an endless source of inspiration isn't it?

Angie said...

That is so cute! What a lovely picture.

livingglassgirl said...

What an adorable portrait!! I absolutely love it. What a wonderful family!