Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to Cat Chat....Gisele, Jack and more....

The cat craziness continues....a few new kitties have arrived and we are still trying to find homes for the foster kittens! Vinny and Lulu were spayed, neutered and vaccinated this week. They had a bout with coccidia (ick!), but they are healthy and fat now. I posted them on petfinder and sent out an email blast about them, but haven't had any bites at all. Oh, i hope i can find them good homes....would love for them to stay together. Their mama, Murphy, is now staying with a cat lady friend of mine. She is doing great....playing and enjoying being safe and well fed!

Here is Vinny showing his tummy!

Meadow, the older kitten with only 3 paws, is still with us too. She had coccidia as well, but has bounced back beautifully. She loves whizzing around with her kitten roomies. Her feral-ness is almost gone. She doesn't run when approached and loves to be rubbed and scratched.

So, here is our newest addition, Gisele. Miss Gisele was found by my friend in a feral colony. According to the colony's caretaker, she showed up about 3 months ago. Gisele is a pure bred lilac point Siamese. We figure that someone got tired of her and just dumped her out like trash to fend for herself. Poor thing is as skinny as a rail, had a fractured tooth and an abscess and was, of course unspayed (probably was used for breeding). She had the works done on Thursday...spay surgery, pulled tooth, vaccinations, fecal testing, dewormer, etc. Gisele is recovering comfortably in our guest bedroom. She is the cutest, funniest thing! I have never actually been around a Siamese cat at all, but I knew that they were very vocal and loving. Gisele is without a doubt, THE most affectionate kitty i have ever known. All she wants to do is snuggle up close to you and make biscuits and rub her face against yours. I can't imagine how sad she was being left outside alone with no human interaction! Ugh, makes me sick. I hope we can find a home for her where she will be doted on and adored forever.

And then, there's Jack. This handsome and super sweet boy was sitting on our front porch when we got home on Friday night!! At first, i didn't even see him because he fit right into our black and white porch color scheme. He looked like part of the decor :)! My heart sank when i got out and called to him and he came running toward me, flipped over to have his tummy scratched and meowed like crazy! I don't know if someone dumped him at my house or if he wandered here from somewhere. They really strange thing is that he is neutered and appears to be eartipped (which in always done ot feral cats when they go through a TNR program). Really odd. I don't have anywhere left inside to put him, so I had to let him stay outside (you have no idea how much this pains me). I sat with him for quite awhile and loved on him, I wanted to do SOMETHING to help, so i put some flea meds on him. He ate dinner and sat our porch and then took off awhile later. Thankfully, he returned last night for dinner during the rainstorm. I put a bed out for him to curl up on. I don't know what to do about Jack!! I am so stressed out about finding homes for all of my current fosters and i want to help him too.
Here he is....these pictures don't do him justice. He is SO cute.

Joe and Magee...our regular porch feral kitties.

Ok, i better run!!! We have to clean this house from top to bottom, and i need to get some artwork done...ahhh!
Have a great day, my blog friends :)!


Pattee said...

I love all your cats and cat stories...

We have a Siamese and she is the love of my life.
They ARE very human oriented and I also can't believe that someone would turn out such and animal that cares for humans.

Well I can't believe that anyone would put cats out to fend for themselves.

We rescued many years ago Milo a Himalayan male cat.. I'm sure someone just got tired of "brushing" him.... He was the most enjoyable cats and funny!!! Oh my he could crack us up!

Anonymous said...

Oh all of the cats and kittens are adorable ~ but the one that really tugged at my heart was dear little Gisele. I had to admit I shed a tear ~ you see I had an adored Lilac Point Siamese (1985 2004) called Henry and I still miss him more than I can say. My present two adored cats I gotcha's in 2008 (Milo and Alfie) ~ I grieved for 4 years after Henry's death and could not have considered another cat until then.
How could anyone abandon Gisele? I cannot bear to think of her alone outside ~ they are such a human needy breed. She is adorable. Someone is going to be very lucky indeed when they gotcha her. Do let us know.

Milo and Alfie's MOM

Jenny Carter said...

Oh you poor gal. All those kitties. I have few that come to my door, that are fixed. I assume they are just people around here that just let their cats roam wild. I hope the black and white is okay. All those kitties are so lucky to be around your house.

I am always shocked to hear someone dumping a cute sweet cat. It is unbelievable. But, then again have you met some of the people these days. Horrid!!

I am sure you can find that lovely siamese a home. People like them.

Good luck with finding homes for everyone. I have not gotten any for mine yet. They have time. I figure I wont let them go for at least 4 weeks. I need them to be real friendly.

The Creek Cats said...

Bless your heart, Carrie! I know how much it pains you to have no room left at the inn. Good to know that Jack is already neutered! Do you think he could have a home nearby and just likes to visit?

The new fosters are just precious. How can people be so cruel to dump a cat. Do they really believe the cat will adapt and survive? It angers me to no end, as I know it does you!
Bless you for all you do! Sending positive vibes for your fosters to get adopted very soon!

Jake and Micah said...

I can't imagine life without a Siamese cat. To me they are the perfect combination of intelligence, affection, humor, curiosity and loyalty. All cats are wonderful but Siamese are extra special in my book. :) You might consider keeping Gisele if she attaches to your heartstrings.

Samantha said...

Your Gisele is very similar to our cat Dulcie. We adopted her from a home with 5 other cats. She is the funniest thing ever and cvery loving with it.