Thursday, July 9, 2009

Munchkin sweeties in my Etsy shop!

I finished up these two cuties and just listed them in my Etsy shop! I was dying to get these done before i hang it up for the week. I LOVE cupcakes and cherries, so I decided to add them to their little clown outfits. Pure sweetness!

I'll probably post one more time tomorrow before we head to Caswell Beach in North Carolina on Saturday. I am SOOOOO excited!!! I am ready for some sun and sand and rejuvenation. My mind and heart need a break from the cat craziness before I hit it hard again when we get back. My next adventure involves TNRing 40 cats at a correctional facility here. THAT should be quite the "tail"!!


Pepi said...

aHay que gustannnnnn.....muuuuuucho....todosssss.Un saludo.

Jill said...

My birdie house came today & I absolutely LOVE it! I'm going to post a pic of it on my blog. Thank you for a lovely creation! Love your new munchkins too. Have a wonderful time at the beach & enjoy a well deserved rest! As for me, I get to go to Colorado! Purrs ~ Jill

The Creek Cats said...

Too cute! My favorite thing in the world is cupcakes! YUM!

You deserve to get away and take a break.... Enjoy yourself! Hey, you won't be too far from The Creek!

Your next adventure sounds like it's going to definitely be interesting! Best of luck with that!

The Creek Cats said...

Shew! Bless your heart! That is a lot of kitties scattered about. So awesome that you have kind people who will take in the fosters while you are gone. That has to really be a load off your mind!

I just had the MIL over for a feeding instruction session, then my husband went over to her house and made her do a dry run. LOL! Poor Maggie May will not come out when there is someone new in the house, so mostly I worry about her not eating for 24 hours.

Wish you were coming closer to THE Creek too! Then I could show you around our feral colonies and maybe you could help us get that icky-eyed kitty! LOL!

Well, do make sure you relax and enjoy yourself this week!
Safe travels!

Shelly said...

Your SnipPets are so cute! I may have to order some soon. I love that part of the Kitty Snip proceeds go to spay/nueter kitties. My boyfriends parents live about 45 miles from Lexington. They are in Mount Vernon.

Halloween Fanatic said...

Bring the little chick with you and stop in Statesville to see us on your way!!! Robert
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Jenny Carter said...

Oh my, rest up then. So who takes care of all the little poopers while you are gone. That is one thing I have a hard time with finding someone to deal with my cat colony and everything else, that I can trust!

tascha said...

Ahhh these two are so cute!