Friday, July 31, 2009

WIPs and a kitten pile!

It has been a slow week on the art end, but i did manage to get the sculpting on these 3 pieces finished. They should be completely dry by Sunday, and then I can bring them to life next week! I am ready for some COLOR! I have to head to the vet early Monday morning with 2 of my own cats and then, hopefully the rest of the week can be dedicated to SnipPet art!! Paws crossed that it will be a quiet week.

Vinny, Lulu and Meadow say hello! They are growing up so fast. It is amazing to see how hearty and healthy they have become. Vinny has turned into quite the artist's assistant. He begs to climb up on my lap and then onto my work table to help me sculpt and paint. He even dipped his white tail tip in my pink paint the other day!
We have a potential adopter coming to meet Vinny this weekend. I hope it works out!

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Have a wonderful weekend, my blog buddies! It is going to be dry and sunny here tomorrow, so i am planning on having a BIG work day in the backyard. Can't wait!! I am savoring these summer days....


Jenny Carter said...

Oh, they are so precious!!! I could come an snuggle with them, anytime!

I like the new sculptures. Looks like they will be real neat.

tammy smith said...

I just looked in your Etsy shop and I really like the munchkins that you're making--they're really cute!
Keep up the good work (and thanks for the nice comments)

The Creek Cats said...

The kittens are so precious! Don't you just love when the kitties help paint? Maizy is my little art assistant tonight. She loves to sit in my lap when I work.

Paws crossed for a quiet week and for the potential adopter to work out for Vinny!!

Thanks for stopping by my zazzle shop! Glad you liked what you saw. That means a lot to me coming from a true artist like yourself!

Have a great weekend!

Ginny Diezel said...

Love this post! It is so much fun to see the little babes! xoxo G.

Poppy Q said...

Your creatures look great. Can't wait to see how you paint them.

The little cuties are getting bigger too, so sweet.