Monday, December 21, 2009

Final TNR of the season for the SnipPet Girl!

This first day of winter marks my final feral cat trapping until spring! I spent most of Friday trapping in the cold rain, so I am very relieved to hang it up for awhile. It's just too icky out there for both people and animals! Despite the challenging weather, I was able to trap 5 kitties for the spay/neuter clinic on Saturday. All were kittens....4 were ferals from Don's garage (the kind blind man i have posted about before). I was hoping to get the trap savvy calico mama cat, but no luck :(. I tried ham, turkey, tuna, mackerel AND chicken mcnuggets as well as some other tricks, but she refused to give in. Disappointing...but I'll keep trying once the weather improves. Nevertheless, it was great to get her most recent litter of kittens all taken care of, especially since 3 of them are females!!! That was 3 more potential mama cats that won't be reproducing, thank goodness! I tried to take photos of this little crew, but they were blurry. I released them a little while ago and they were SO happy to be back in their straw filled garage with their mom.

The fifth kitten is one that was abandoned at the stockyards a few weeks ago. Poor little bug! She is totally tame and THE sweetest, most gentle girl. Literally, all she wants to do is sit in your lap or in her bed and make bisuits. She even makes biscuits while she is standing on the floor. It is the funniest thing! Non-stop kneading and padding. Consequently, i think her name should be Miss Biscuits. She is being adopted today by one of the guys who works at the stockyards.

These pictures don't do her justice at all! She is like a little black bear...fuzzy and round. Meowy Christmas from Miss Biscuits :)!


Ronna said...

I love Miss Biscuits. She looks somewhat like Mr. Percy, one of a pair of kittens that showed up in my boyfriend's garden this fall. He along with Millie are now the sweetest, friendliest kitties and happy inside with their two older siblings. Happy Christmas to you and bravo on all the good you do for the animals out there!

Pixie said...

I just love reading your blog and love you for doing all the good work you do for the kitties! Your Miss Biscuits looks like my little rescue kitty, Doody.

The Creek Cats said...

Oh my goodness, what a precious cutie!!
Bless you for all your great work! You really are amazing!
I was just thinking about that straw-filled garage the other day. I was wondering if the kitties are enjoying it?

Jenny Carter said...

Awe miss biscuits is sooooo adorable! You did well this year. I doubt you wont have any kitties fall into your lap till really think miss pide piper kitty rescuer will get away with it. They will find you!! lol

Johanna Parker said...

She is just adorable! Love that name Miss Biscuit too.... hehe! You are such a kind soul to be saving these sweeties...

Best Wishes..
~ Johanna

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie! Just wanted 2 wish u and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

Poppy Q said...

What a sweetie, and we are glad to hear that she has got a good furrever home already.

Merry Christmas and thank you for all the good work you do, helping out so many kitties. You deserve a break.

Summer smooches from New Zealand

Julie and Poppy Q

Pepi said...

Te deseo de todo corazón..........Merry Christmas.

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mvegan said...

she is so sweet! ;0) Michele, mvegan5