Sunday, December 6, 2009

SpookyTimeJingles Collector's Tree

The post below is on the STJ website. My SnipPet Snow Kitty (as seen in the ad photo!!) will be on the tree along with tons of other wonderful ornaments.

"I am sooo EXCITED to announce our newest Surprise for you!

If you love the world class art represented on, You will just adore what we have for you starting in just 1 day!

Our VERY FIRST Complete Collector's Tree!

This Tree is our Christmas Edition and is filled with original - one of kind - handmade Christmas Ornaments strictly from SpookyTimeJingles artisan's ONLY!

What should you expect? How about a SIX FOOT TREE with BOAT LOADS of Ornaments, A Tree Topper and a Tree Skirt- ALL original works of art! CRAZY, right?

Be sure to check it out, Tell your friends and Watch the auction to see what happens to the first ever STJ tree! Search for "STJ" on Ebay or our user id- 'SpookyTimeJingles'."

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Jill said...

How exciting! I think I need to get involved in this Spooky Time Jingles stuff. I'll certainly look it up that's for sure. Your Snow Kitty will look purrfect on the tree! Happy Sunday ~ Jill