Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitty road trip and an STJ sneak peek.....

The Spookytime Jingles update is almost upon us again! I am offering up two Cheshire Cat inspired Halloween ornaments. They will be available tomorrow at midnight.

Meet Bat Cat....a sneaky boy who is up to no good at all!

...and Ghost Kitty...this grinning haunt is quite pleased with his costume. Does he really think his disguise is working???

The orange boys and I are hitting the road and heading to Good Mews in Atlanta tomorrow morning. It has been wonderful to have them in my life for a week of furry fun! Their future parents will be VERY lucky indeed! Archie, Barley and Chili (Willie) are purrfect little boys....loving, purring and playful and their faces melt my heart.

I helped a friend TNR (trap, neuter, return) 3 cats this week so I will report on that when I return from my quick trip.

Archie and Chili enjoying a catnap in my art studio....


suziart said...

Love them and the real kitties, too!

Jonty said...

Excellent fun love them.

Pepi said...

Pero cuanta belleza tienen tus creaciones, son divinos y los gatitos muy lindos. En mi blog estoy de sorteo, te invito. Besos.

Kelly said...

What a wonderful post! I love your work--especially the ghost cat! I definitely need one of those for my new place!
I also am so happy to meet another animal lover that believes in helping animals in ways like TNR, fostering, and adoption. I just adopted a new baby (well, she's actually 3 years old, but you know...) and it looks like my new apartment comes with two outside kitties that will certainly be fed and loved to excess by me and my neighbor!
Wonderful work--can't wait to hear about your trip!

Jill said...

I'm so happy for your little orange boys! I'm sure they'll be adopted in no time.
Love the Halloween ornaments & the little hearts on their noses!

LYNDY WARD said...

Saint Patrick's Day Greetings!

Pretty Kitties & Art Work!!

Hope you'll stop by my Saint Patrick's Day Top Ten Facts & Trivia post & share some love!!!

Can't wait to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Saint Gertrude's Day & my birthday on March 17th. Our weekend will be filled with love & laughter, tasty Irish foods & sparkling green Moët & Chandon Champagne.

GAELIC ~ Sláinte!
To Your Health!
Lyndy & All My Fur Kids

P.S. Is STJ a selling site of OOAK art work?