Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Puss in Boots and Wedding Cake Topper WIPs

I still have clay on my hands as I type this. I have been deep in the paperclay since last week. The weather is damp and a bit dreary, so the drying process is lingering on and on. Fingers crossed that a few things will be dry by Thursday so that the painting can begin!

Meet the SnipPet version of Puss in Boots. I still need to add heels to his boots and do some touch ups, but he is almost ready to be in living color :)!

Wedding season is definitely upon us. I have had some wonderful custom requests for my cake toppers. I adore making these! TOO fun! I'll explain more about the stories behind them when I get them all finished.

I am heading to see Alice in Wonderland with a friend tomorrow!!! Cannot wait! It will be nice to escape my home studio for a few hours and get some serious mid-week creative inspiration.

And I'll be trapping cats on Friday for the monthly spay/neuter clinic on Saturday. I am hoping to get 5 cats snipped. I am going to TRY to remember to have my camera on hand this time so you guys can see our kitty adventure! Here is a photo of Miss Piggy...one of the cats we helped trap and spay last week.


Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, my little Baldwins! I love that marching band hat! I can't believe how good they already look and they aren't even painted yet!

Jonty said...

These are going to be jaw dropping great. Can't wait to see these painted.

Jill said...

Wow you HAVE been busy! Can't wait to see everything painted. I love how little Miss Piggy is laying on her bed!

Pepi said...

Uohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!........vaya colección que estás preparando va a quedar preciosa. Besos.