Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lovely Lulu and Little Ellies

Saturday was definitely my lucky day!! First, we did our taxes and were thrilled to find out that we are getting a refund. Shoowee, what a relief since we need a new car AND a new computer (I am afraid this one is going to blow up in a cloud of smoke just like our car did :)!) And then, I found out that I won a fantastic giveaway by the uber talented and super sweet Lulu of My Pink Turtle!!!! Wowee!! Oh, how I LOVE and adore her artwork and blog. Lulu is one of those special people that oozes enchantment and magic. When I visit her blog it makes me want to live in her lovely world. She has such an amazing sense of creativity and style. I cannot wait to receive her beautiful giveaway!!!! THANKS bunches, Lulu!!! Many purrs to you :)!

I just finished up a custom elephant cake topper order. The bride wanted traditional Indian dress, so here they are complete with a mini gold and white sari, a kurta pajama and a tiny turban. I loved making them!


Jodaeodesign said...

Your cake topper is amazing. How original. I was in a wedding years ago were all of the bridesmaids wore saris; the bride would have loved this cake topper. What a creative personal touch it will add to their special day.

Jill said...

Lucky you to win a Lulu creation! I love her work too!
The elephants are just awesome. I'd like to see the rest of the cake!