Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TNR, Garfield update and WIPs

Last week was a bit cat crazy....a little more than usual, that is :)! Friday evening, my friend Jane and I headed out for a night of cat trapping at the stockyards and at a nearby warehouse area. After four hours of creeping around in the bushes and all sorts of trickery, we were covered in KFC and tuna and managed to get 5 cats!! It wasn't an easy night, but we met our goal and that is what counts. While we were out there, we also ran across a terrified puppy. Poor thing wouldn't let anyone near him, but he did get plenty of food. The next day, I happened to see a "Lost Dog" sign near my neighborhood which matched his description. I couldn't believe it! Thankfully, long story short, the owner and pup have been reunited!! I am soooo relieved.
As for the cats, they were spayed and neutered on Saturday and are back at their managed colony locations. There were 4 girls and 1 boy, so that's a whole lot of births prevented this spring! One of the girls had an infected uterus so it was especially great that we got her taken care of.

Now, for some really wonderful news!!!!!!! Precious ol' Garfield has a place to go!! I sent out pleas for help to all of my rescue contacts as well as a few no kill shelters that take in FIV+ cats. On Thursday, I heard back from Safe Haven for Cats in Raleigh, NC, and they are happy to make room for him! It is a fantastic shelter. My mom actually volunteers there, so i have had the opportunity to visit their facility a few times. They are always full and save a multitude of cats from death row in animal controls throughout NC, so I am beyond grateful that they are willing to fit Garfield in. I cried and cried with joy when I received their email.

Garfield came home from the vet on Saturday, and I cannot begin to express what an amazing boy he is! I love him to pieces. He was awfully grungy, so the vet techs bathed him on Saturday morning. They said that he just stretched out calmly and let them clean him and "furminate" him. I carried him up to our guest bedroom and put him on the bed. He has been luxuriating ever since. Garfield is so laid back and just wants affection. He has a funny little meow and sort of grunts at me. His life has been incredibly difficult for way too long, and yet he hasn't let it get him down one bit. I am doing my best to shower him with tons of love, kisses, chin scratches and tummy rubs! He appreciates his non-stop meals too...has gained a pound in just one week. Here are a few photos of this handsome, chipmunk cheeked boy! His wounds are healing, so hopefully, i will have some good "after" photos in the next few weeks. (He isn't going to NC until mid May.)

And as for my artwork... these are a few WIPs...ornaments and miscellaneous critters.


GraceBeading said...

Ohhh, I just wanna grab and kiss that fat, furry, wonderfully imperfect face!

Congrats on a good round of traps and snips!

Bless you and the others for all you do for these sweet souls.

The Creek Cats said...

Concats on the TNR!! Sounds a lot like our weekend. We had 9 females and only 3 males. We are usually male heavy, so we were so happy to have more females.

So glad to hear Garfield is going to Safe Haven. We hope he finds a wonderful forever home!

Pepi said...

Que belleza de gatito, y tus obras que te voy a decĂ­r que ya no sepas, me encantannnnnnnnnnnn....... Besitos.

vivian said...

I think its so wonderful that youre rescueing and getting these kittys "fixed". A funny story, I have a friend who does something very similar. she was trapping the wild cats that live on her property and taking them to be spayed and neutered and she ended up taking her neighbors cat!! She never knew until she was talking to her neighbors one day and telling them about all the cats she had taken, and they told her that she must have taken their cat a month or so previously as theirs had mysteriously came home one day having had surgery. They had wondered what had happened! lol!
anyways. Good Job your doing, and I'm so glad that you found that sweet garfield a place to go!

Jill said...

Hooray for Garfield! He reminds me of our Morris we rescued & cared for with all his battle scars. So glad he has a safe place to go.

Ronna said...

Oh he's just a little doll isn't he? I LOVE his face. So happy he has somewhere good to go live! Well done!!