Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Punka Munk

Punka Munk is one amazing old girl. I have been staring at her through our glass door for almost 2 years so it is surreal to have her inside and be petting
her. I was FINALLY able to trap her Friday night after countless tries
since we moved here. I literally fell into a pile of tears when I saw her in the trap. She has been pregnant over and over and would have her kittens somewhere far off in the woods. I have no idea what happened to all of those litters but not a one ever appeared. So sad and frustrating to watch and wonder about. Well, Punka Munk is now spayed, vaccinated and safe inside!!! What a relief. She is almost completely toothless...don't know how she was eating the dry cat food I put out. She is eating 3 large cans of wet food a day now :). She is also deaf...can't hear a thing. Yet another reason to be amazed at her survival with all of the cars, trucks and wildlife looming around. I was never sure if she was feral or just a longtime stray who was scared and cautious. Well, there is no doubt that she once belonged to
someone. She is super sweet and loves attention and affection....purrs and stands on her tippy toes for a back scratch. How could someone have let her go and put her through this?

During her spay surgery at the TNR clinic, they found a tumor in one
of her mammary glands so my regular vet will be removing that in a few
weeks. I read some scary stats on the internet about mammary tumors,
but we will just have to stay hopeful and be grateful that she won't
suffer outside no matter what.

I just moved her from our foster bathroom into my art room, so she
will be my art assistant. I am soooo looking forward to spending
all day with her and showering her with love. She is already sitting on the sofa in here taking a bath. Brian isn't thrilled at the prospect of another cat being here, but he totally understands her situation. I hope he will be ok if she
has to stay as a "permanent foster", but i promised I'd try to find
her a suitable home. We'll see.... I am already totally in love with
her and cry when I am with her...for so many reasons.

Purrs to all,


Evelyn said...

so glad you were able to trap her and get her spayed. she is a cutie. secretly hoping you are able to keep her, based on your "history."

The Creek Cats said...

Bless heart!! I know that feeling of seeing her in the trap. What a huge relief. So sorry to hear about the tumor and we will purray that all turns out ok with the surgery. She is such a lucky girl and it's so sad that someone probably turned her out on her own. Sounds like she's really enjoying life and love at your place :) This makes me sooooo happy!! Oh, and love the name!

Jill said...

Oh bless her sweet heart! I'm almost in tears now after reading her story. I'm so glad she's getting the love she so deserves now with you in your wonderful home!

Melody said...

I'm so happy to read another story with a happy ending! It's wonderful to know there are good souls in this world who love the little creatures on it! I continue to salute you! :)

Lanae said...

Thank you for trapping the cats and getting them fixed. Do you have to pay money to get the cats you trap fixed?