Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WIPs SnipPet Spooks for STJ

A peek at two Halloween WIPs for this month's STJ update.

I realized that I really needed to attempt a pumpkin head doll for a change. I had a vision of him juggling and thought, why not let him juggle a cat's head and a frog's head??! A sort of spooky idea, but the entire piece will still have a silly and happy vibe!

I haven't made any owls in WAY too long, so this little guy was a hoot to sculpt. (sorry, couldn't resist :)!) He will be holding a pumpkin lantern on his pole.


Chicken Lips said...

These are looking wonderful! The detail of those pumpkin hands are simply AMAZING!

Pattee said...

This is going to be awesome!!!!