Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Custom paintings

I have been taking a break from the clay for a little while to work on more paintings. I am almost finished with a custom sugar skull rabbit for a wonderful customer who LOVES rabbits! I really enjoy painting the details of the sugar to get lost in the patterns and vibrant colors. I completed the second painting last week and delivered it to a customer in Raleigh. She is redecorating her little boy's room with a cars/trucks/planes theme and wanted his favorite animal, a turtle, driving a car down a winding road with a bible quote she had chosen. I added in a little flag with his name and put his birthdate on the license plate. She said that Tyler giggles whenever he looks at the painting which is now hanging over his bed. I think that is the perfect stamp of approval :)!

18" x 24" Sugar Skull Rabbit

24" x 30" Tyler's Turtle

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The Creek Cats said...

LOVE the paintings!

The projected path is looking much better for us this morning, thank goodness!

Yes, breaks are good every now and then. My anxiety was getting pretty high with the TNR and fostering. I just think I got a little burned out and need to recharge!