Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silver screen kittens....

I have been temporarily fostering 3 absolutely beautiful kittens. Their original foster mom rescued them out of her trailer park where they were in danger of being killed by neighborhood dogs. They came to me for temperament testing. I was supposed to test their feralness and give my assessment on their adoptability. She had them for a month and their brothers came around quickly, but the girls were more scared and shy. When they first arrived here, Ava Gardner and Jean Harlow, would not even stand up at first because they were so frightened. They had zero confidence and stayed curled up in tight balls. Grace Kelly, the boldest of the group, came around quickly. She was playing and purring and waving her tail around within minutes. And now, after 2 weeks, the other two have completely blossomed. Gracie went back to the original foster mom, and it really helped the other two feel more secure since she was pretty dominant. Last week, I noticed that little Ava appeared to have a limp and after a visit to the vet and an x-ray, I found out that she had broken her leg at some point weeks ago and it had healed so that the leg is slightly shorter than the other. Poor girl! No wonder she wasn't feeling comfortable in her original foster home with the other rowdy kittens jumping all over her. Ugh. Thank goodness she is ok now! Ava and Jean(ie) are going to yet another foster home today. They will be with an absolutely wonderful family who will work to them adopted at the Caring Hearts' Petsmart weekend adoptions. I am going to miss them terribly, but my job is done and the next step must be taken. Paws are crossed that they will be in a loving, forever home before long!!

Grace Kelly

Ava Gardner

Jean Harlow


Deb said...

I love Grace's one blue eye and one green. Did you know that she may be deaf in the ear on the blue side? I have been reading up on that lately. The kittens are all gorgeous.

Artistic Diva said...

I absolutely love the names these kittens have. They are so correct and so descriptive. I think Jean Harlow is going to be the sultry vixen of the lot once she gets her legs up under her, so to speak.

Sharon said...

These kittens are so beautiful. Great blog!

Ronna said...

They're all love bugs!!

Carla said...

You absolutely are doing a great job. I love the kittens and I adore your artwork.
Love from the Netherlands