Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dancing Dahlia goes KerSPLAT!

Oh, dear Dahlia the Dancing Queen has just finished her performance and kerSPLAT she went! She entertained the crowd as they roared wildly. Her pirouettes and mesmerizing movements brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation! This happy hippo's dance was the highlight of the show! But alas, this golden crowned queen must bid her fans goodbye for now and get some rest (and a cotton candy snack).

Dahlia will be my last circus inspired doll for awhile. We all need a vacation from the craziness of the circus so we can come back and perform at our best :)!

I am working on 9 new is another sneak peek of what's in store. I have been sculpting like crazy and now I am waiting for everything to dry thoroughly. I hope, hope, hope that I will be able to start painting them tomorrow.

Check in this weekend for a new update on the other important SnipPet project...spaying and neutering feral cats in our area. My goal is to trap 5 cats on Friday night and get them snipped on Saturday!


vivian said...

hi! I'm so glad you hopped over to visit me at my blog! and I'm glad that you liked my easter parade!
I love your creations as well, and especially your ballerina hippo! My daughter would go nuts over it. cute stuff and sweet blog.. Good luck with those feral kitties! I hope you reach your goal. I think its great that youre doing that. A friend of mine did the same thing and ended up having her neighbors cat spayed! good thing they didnt mind!
have a great weekend and be sure to visit again!

Chicken Lips said...

These are all amazing! Your characters have SO much personality! Love them all!

Pattee said...

Your characters always make me smile!
There isn't a one that doesn't!
Hippo's just want to have fun!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Dancing Dahlia is simply adorable in her pink polka dotted shirt, and her golden crown:)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Carrie! Your Dahlia is incredible! Love her! Dahlia is such a great name too, wish my mom would have tought about it! Wow! Your circus has got quite a few members! And each of them is so beautiful. Good luck with your catching feral cats on Friday night. Keep us posted! Take care, LuLu

Jill said...

Wanted to wish you the best of luck Friday catching the feral kitties! What a wonderful thing you're doing! And I love the hippo-she's adorable! Happy weekend! ~ Jill

snippetgirl said...

Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone! They always touch my heart and give me motivation.
I'll let you know how my cat adventures go tonight.
Have a lovely weekend!

Amy C said...

dahlia is so cute and I bet she put on a fantastic performance

Carmen said...


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. I love your work!


Ann said... never cease to amaze me with your wonderful creations! So imaginative and beautifully done. I do so admire your's such a joy to visit your blog.

Robert said...

How did the owl turn out?? Robert