Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday night's Wild Goose Chase! was really a wild cat chase! We headed out to begin trapping around 7 at our first target location. Here I am getting the traps set and ready.

We were hoping to get a pair of gray tabbies and a big orange tomcat with an injured eye. I trapped him awhile back and he escaped like Houdini as i was carrying the trap to my car. I was SO heartbroken because i wanted to get his eye taken care of in addition to getting him neutered. Anyway, we managed to get one of the gray tabbies but the other one saw it happen and took off. And like a dummy, i held the trap wrong and my finger got slashed by a flying claw....oops...always some drama. We ran to Kroger to get some Bactine and proceeded onward.

We headed to our next stop at the stockyards. There is a group of 5 adorable bobtails that run in a pack. I have TNRed 4 of them, thankfully, but there is a torti female who has eluded us. She is most likely already pregnant with a spring litter. We tried for about an hour but she just wasn't falling for our games. It is SO hard to trap one specific cat when there is a group lurking around. Here is a photo of Beth Ann (the colony's feeder) and me waiting patiently.

Next, we headed back to our original luck and a raccoon was about to get in our trap. So, we headed back to our house to try to trap a few on our front porch. On the way back, we saw a cat crossing the parking lot at Kroger so we put a trap out there. Long story short, no luck there either!

After a quick dinner at Wendy's, we headed home and crossed our fingers that the 3 left to TNR at our house would show up. After I showered the blood and tuna juice off of me, I peeked outside and saw a striped tail in one of the traps. It was Puff Daddy! Score! He is a tame old boy that showed up a few weeks ago. Later in the evening, a beautiful solid gray kitty arrived but he refused to get in the traps.
We had hoped to trap a total of 5 cats but only managed to get the 2. I took them both to the monthly TNR clinic here in Lexington. Here is a photo of all of the feral kitties lined up to have their surgery. Puff Daddy is the one peeking out on the far left.

Both of my ferals are back home now and they did great! They got neutered, vaccinated and a flea/deworming treatment. The amazing vet who takes care of them deserves a HUGE award...she spayed/neutered over 5,000 cats and dogs last year...yes, that is right....all that by herself!!!! She is an absolute angel.

I took this sweet photo this afternoon. This is Magee....a feral boy who has decided not to be feral anymore :). I TNRed him and his brother and his mother last fall. They stay in our backyard most of the time. He is my little gardening assistant. Loooooove him!


LuLu said...

Bravo Carrie! YOU are an angel! This is so great! When I was a young girl, I wanted to become a vet just to be able to take care of all the stray animals in need of care. It always broke my heart when I thought a dog or cat did not have a home... Thank God for people like you! We have adopted many stray cats during the years, they became part of the family, all of them got spayed and were well taken care of. Some lived long lives, some others disapeared in the country side, but ALL of them had a wonderful life living with us. My mom has adopted 3 stray cats, 1 year apart. We love cats, we love dogs, we love just about any animals! Bravo, big hugs for helping some many cats have a better life! Hey! Love your new Halloween creation! Have a grrrrreat weekend! LuLu

Jill said...

Yay for you! Even though you only got 2 instead of 5 that makes a huge difference! You are such a wonderful person for doing so much to help these kitties! I remember waiting about 5 hours to trap my stray cat Gypsy. Now she's spayed, adopted & has a loving home. There ARE happy endings! Magee is just adorable too! Lucky boy to have found you. Purrs ~ Jill

Talking Horses Arts said...

Thank you soo much for sharing this!
It warms ones heart to see something like things.It also brings tears to my eyes, knowing that there are so many animals out there needing our help. We went scavenging for drift wood yesterday and ended up at a cliff, when you looked down there was a river. It was steep and lots of rock, suddenly a beautiful long haired dog showed up and barked at us. We thought he was trapped down there, so hubby went to see if there was a way down. Another dog showed up, now they were getting really angry, so we decided to disembark the voyage down.At home,after some calling around we found out that they had been living there for a long time and and were to wild to approach. We were also told that if anyone in any way would bring them up they would have to be put down because they were to wild. Sad isn't it, could hardly sleep last night.
Thank for all your good work! Andrea.

kittyanydots said...

Great work! :)