Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a Spooktacular Day!

How ridiculously cute is my Rooney???!! He was helping me navigate through the blog world the other night. I just had to start off this blog entry with his sweet face. This cat came out of one of the worst situations i have ever been involved in...our most heartbreaking and dramatic rescue ever. But that is a story for another day.

On to happy news! I am soooooo proud and thrilled to announce that i am now a member of SpookyTime Jingles!!!! WOOHOO! I am very excited to be joining such an amazing group of talented, clever and inspiring artists. It is sure to be a fun new adventure for me! I want to thank Dani Nelson, the owner and founder of STJ, for her wonderful support and encouragement. She is a true gem! Check out her blog and her own fabulous designs on etsy. Dani is taking SpookyTime Jingles to the National Halloween Convention in a few weeks. Check out their website for more info and details.

I am sending the SnipPet Spooks that you saw on my last post to the Halloween Convention along with these four new little cute and creepy critters. I will be creating more of these soon so that i can have them available on the STJ website next month.


Sheryl Parsons said...

Happy Spooky Tuesday to you! I love Rooney, can't wait til we can have a cat again. We are on the road too much to do that to a pet right now though. Unless I can find a cat like my Raisin, who loved riding in the back window of my old Buick Skylark. He was a sweet and wonderful black kitty. Good luck to you with Spooky Time Jingles! They are a great group aren't they?!


jane and the happy crow said...

Cats always want to 'help', what a lovely boy Rooney is I would love to know his story do tell us soon. I love your new creations, dont you ever go to bed?!! You seem to be able to produce an amazing amount of work every day! Jane xx

Ronnie said...

Congrats on the STJ gig! Your stuff will fly out of there. You've been working up a storm!
Great shot of your cat. "I'm here!
NO not the computer again!"

Jill said...

Rooney is just adorable! Would love to hear his story sometime.
I love Halloween & your spooky critters are so cute & creative! I didn't know there was a Halloween convention somewhere. That sounds like fun!

Susan Faye said...

Your Spooky critters are adorable!(and so is Rooney, of course). I'm thrilled to report that I picked up my Melissa Mittens doll from the Post Office and she is absolutely wonderful! I will crack up every time I see those mouse slippers. Thanks again for such a loving tribute to my dear departed friend.

The Old Oaken Bucket said...

How adorable is Rooney! We have an orange cat, Jack. He hangs over the back of our chairs like this. Your Spooky Time Jingle items are just incredible! I have a friend getting ready to sell with them in May. Your items are going to go fast!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Congrats!! These are the best yet...Omg how talented you are!
( my cats can work the keyboard..lol)

Giftbearer said...

Your animal sculpture dolls are really imaginative! Cute cat too! He looks like one that belongs to a friend of mine. She adopted to orange tabbies from a local shelter and they're both really lovable.

Chicken Lips said...

It's gonna be great to have you at STJ! Welcome!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I am loving your figures and your frogs in particular--wonderful!!! Congrats on joining us at STJ, you will love the group of artist!!