Friday, May 1, 2009

Creative displays and SnipPet SALE reminder~~

As I wait for a layer of paint to dry on my current creations, I thought i would remind you about my Super SnipPet Sale. Many of my circus critters are 40% off in honor of Mother's Day!! This sale will end on May 10, so head on over to the SnipPet shop soon!

Now for some fun display ideas! Last fall, I bought 3 antique wheel molds at a local flea market. I thought they would be the perfect, unique, sculptural accent for our family room. Of course, since i am not a minimalist (and have to embellish everything!!!), I decided to paint the wall within the molds in a sky pattern and use them as frames for my circus themed artwork and special finds (the carousel horse is an ebay treasure). And then, it hit me! This was meant to be...a 3 ring circus on my wall!!! I love when things magically fall into place like that.

Here is another whimsical spot in my house.... these carved wooden deer are my best bargain finds EVER!!!! I saw them online and in Atlanta at one of my favorite shops selling for several hundred dollars each and fell in love with them. Then, months later, i went to the Ballard's Design outlet warehouse, and they were desperate to move merchandise out that day. I almost fell over when i saw that they had the deer sculptures marked down to $20 each!! I kept asking the manager, "Are you suuuure???? Really??" I never get THAT lucky. The manager wanted me to take the 5 that they had, so he ended up giving me an extra 20% off of the sale price. Unbelievable. So, here they are living in a little painted forest on my stairwell.


Designs By CK said...

Hi Carrie! ~ Popping in to say hello.

Have a great weekend.

PS: Glad you enjoyed my 80's flashback! ;-)


Robert said...

What a fun place to live. You can come redesign my house. Robert

Which items are on sale? The prices look the same? Just asking still interested in the chickie!

Robert said...

Ignore that last question, if I would have just looked! Sorry...
Still love the chick and your home!!

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Ohh, I wanna live at Your house, Carrie! Looks enchanting!!

Ya know, I just love your creations' little knees...

Happy Weekend-ing!!

Jenny said...

Where is this in your house? Love the paintings and the mural.