Thursday, May 7, 2009

SnipPet Giveaway to Celebrate YOU!

When i woke up this morning and checked my blogger dashboard, I had hit 100 followers!!! WOWEE! I can't quite express how much my blog friends mean to me. You guys keep me motivated, encouraged, inspired and feeling connected. So many of you have lifted me up when i have been feeling down...especially when it comes to disheartening kitty situations. Your kind, supportive words often restore my hope and faith in the goodness of humanity. THANK YOU for being there! And your enthusiasm and special comments about my artwork fills me with pure glee :). Soooooo, it seems like it is the perfect day for a big giveaway to honor you!

In order to have a chance to win, please leave a comment on this post and tell me about a special pet (past or present). I love hearing about other people's furry or feathery or scaly friends :)!

There will be two three ducks in a row painting and an itty bitty circus kitty! I will be plucking the winners' names out of the hat on Mother's Day night, so make sure you sign up by 10 pm on Sunday!


Laura said...

I've had so many special pets - aren't they all? One of them is Calvin. He was my aunt's favorite, and when she passed away, her husband took all her cats (4) to the humane society. After much begging, the humane society told me they were there. I paid $125 each to get them out - found homes for the three, and kept Calvin. Is is going to be 18 this summer, and he melts my heart! Congrats on your 100th follower, and thanks for the giveaway!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Now way can I pass this up, I love your artwork so much. I've had so many pets and my favorite will always be dogs. But one of the unusual pets I had was a scorpion brought to the U.S. during Desert Storm. No I did not bring it over, I was in the middle of a medical discharge and ended up not going to Desert Storm. Another soldier on leave brought it over, but he had to leave and needed a home for the scorpion. I can't kill a thing, nor stand to think of it suffering, I was young and just thought "Aw, that poor thing needs a home." (Did not know until a month or two later that it was not suppose to have been brought over). So I took it in, built a cage of plexiglass, and secured it with a padlock. It was watered daily and I had to catch live flys to put in with it to eat. The most interesting thing about the scorpion is that it liked to lay on top of it's water dish, which had a layer of "cotton" so that he could lay on it and also get a drink.

I can hardly wait for the new updates on STJ. Looking forward to it all. I can't remember if you are a member of PFATT M., but their updates are coming up too. Very exciting.

Carolee said...

I've had so many wonderful pets, including the two Aussies and three cats we now share our home with...but the one who stands out in my mind is Sundance.

Sundance was a Border Collie mix we adopted from the shelter, and was truly more human than canine. He came to the shelter after having wandered as a stray for months, so had "issues", most specifically children and men in baseball caps - he was terrifed of them, and would snap if approached.

But smart?! Not only would he retrieve a toy from his toy basket, but he would retrieve the CORRECT toy (Go get your alligator, go get your soccer ball, etc) - and this out of well over 50 toys!

Sadly, Sundance died of liver failure related to some kind of cancerous process at the age of 7 - far too young. But he'll always live in our hearts. :)

~ Carolee

Jill said...

Oh gosh, how can I choose from all my cat stories? I guess I'll pick Gypsy, a beautiful black stray who wandered our cul-de-sac a few years ago. I fed her, sheltered her, & finally trapped her & got her spayed. She disappeared after a big rain storm one day & was gone for 3 months. Miraculously she came back but had hairless patches on her tummy & leg. I could only imagine what she'd been thru. She wouldn't let me catch her & take her to the vet but I managed to get flea med. on her & soon her hair grew back & she turned into the sweetest loving kitty! I already have indoor cats & couldn't bring her inside so I found a no-kill, cageless shelter in Lincoln, NE & drove her there after 6 long months on the waiting list. She was adopted just a short month later & now lives a safe indoor life with a loving family! Don't you love happy endings? And I would LOVE to win one of your creations! Thanks & congrats on 100 followers! ~ Jill

Candice said...

Hi Carrie,

Saw your post on Facebook, which lead mere here--I guess that I am #101. Anyway, I love your art--particularly the new witch with the creepy hand. Since I am back from Chicago now, I should be seeing you at the May Clinic! Cheers!

nfmgirl said...

I've had so many special pets-- cats, dogs, birds, turtles, ferrets, fish. My parents have even had monkeys and skunks (when I was too little to remember. They say Sammy the capuchin used to hold my hand through the playpen). But one of the most special to me was my cat Buddy. He was my first cat as an adult on my own. He was a cute little black and white stray that showed up with a neighborhood cat, and I quickly called this new little cat Miss Kitty. Jaspar (the neighborhood cat) was adamant about mating with little Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty didn't like it. Miss Kitty was very timid, and wouldn't let me near. I spent two weeks gaining the trust of this little stray, bringing the food closer and closer to me, reaching out to pet when a back was turned towards me. After about two weeks I judged that it was time to try to pick up Miss Kitty and take her in. She didn't like being picked up, but I got away with it and got her inside. I took her to the vet sometime later, and my vet said that he thought Miss Kitty was in a "pseudo-pregnancy". The uterus felt enlarged. We decided to give her a little time before spaying.

One day we were at home, and I looked down at Miss Kitty while "she" cleaned herself, and saw quite pronounced evidence that "she" was actually a "he"! I called the vet, and our conversation went something like, "Uh, you know my cat Miss Kitty that I brought into you and you said was in a pseudo-pregnancy? Well, it's a boy!" "Are you sure?" "Uh, yeah! He was cleaning himself, and there was this little lipstick just sticking out there!"

I quit calling the cat Miss Kitty and temporarily called him Buddy while I tried to find a better name. However "Buddy" just seemed to stick, and he never got another name. The vet went on to think that Buddy was a hermaphrodite. They found some other strange things about his anatomy, but we never did x-rays to determine whether or not there was a uterus. But he was my sweet boy, and we used to play chase around the house. I would chase him, he would run and hide, then he would leap out and ambush me and chase me, and we would continue this over and over. He was my boy. The apartment handyman and office workers were amazed that I tamed him. They had known him since he was a little baby. They said he'd been born in their shed, and neither he nor his brother had ever let anyone near them. They called his brother Booger, due to a little mole on his nose. The handyman pet Buddy one day, and he said he couldn't believe that was the same cat. They didn't think he could ever be tamed.

Now I have five "special cats" at home, but Buddy has been gone for about 7 years now, I think. But he'll always be in my heart.

Pixie said...

I have to say soemthing about my most special cat, Ribsy. Ribsey was the cat of my boyfriend's roommate. She was a big fat tabby (we like to say 'fluffy') who had the worst, most brutal de-claw I or my vet had ever seen. The roommate didn't like her anymore and my boyfriend was severly allergic, so poor Ribsy spent her days either locked in the garage or outside. I offered to take her if the roommate would pay my pet deposit, and he did! i have ribsy for about 8 years before she died of cancer. The poor old girl had terrible arthritis in her front paws, cateracts and the vet said she had to be at least 14 or 15 years old...but she never acted like it. She has been gone maybe 5 years now and my son still tlaks about her sleeping in the sunshine in his bedroom floor.

Congrats on your 100th follower and thanks for giving us all the opportunity to not only reminisce, but win something awesome!

Ronna said...

Aren't all our pets special? That being said, my oldest of five cats is Domino, and she is 19. She and I have afternoon tea together. in the afternoons, I used to pour myself a large mug and halfway through (once it had cooled), Domino would drink it. So now I pour two mugs: one for me and one for her. In hers, I add a few ice cubes to cool it down so we can share tea time together. From time-to-time, she'll even have a nibble on a social tea biscuit too.

Moniqui said...

Sweet stories!
Some twenty years ago my father called me asking if i wanted to take in a young lovebird ( agapornis). His collegae had the bird for just a little while and then the new baby turned out to be allergic and the bird had to go..of course i said yes! I called him Pietje ( nearly all pet birds in Holland are called Pietje lol!) and after a few days of gaining his trust he fell in love with me and i with him!When i walked into the room he would call out to me,wanting to be let out of his cage. For over 16 years he was my buddy,sitting on my shoulder wherever i went in the house.Nibling at my papers when i was creating some art.He died three years ago and i burried him in my grandmothers garden. I still miss his call but as to yet cant bring myself to getting a new pet bird. His cage is still in my shed,someday a pretty new birdie will live there..

Talking Horses Arts said...

All pets have been and are special to me. But if horses count as pets too,it would be my Shagya Arab who loved to retrieve his red Frisbee!
He would let small chidren on his back and be very careful ( he was still a stud!) but he would let me always know if a person could not be trusted. My Ahil ( name) was always right!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Congrats Carrie! Gee as others have said there are so many stories to relate. Kiwi, our munchkin cat, was my baby. She started as Annie's cat, but after traveling to Alaska with Kent when we married, she adopted me. She would sneak onto the bed, snuggle against my back, and would get away with it unless she started cleaning herself and then the bed would shake and Kent would toss her off.
Before Kiwi was Buddy. He would sit on the over the toilet shelf and watch me get ready for work.He could put the toilet lid down to jump up on the shelf.He would wake me each morning at 6am with either a paw tapping on my nose, or he would pull the covers off of my face. He loved Pounce treats. He knew how to open cupboard doors and drawers. My daughter went to get a drink one time and opened the cupboard to find Buddy sitting among the glasses. He was adopted by another family when I got married as we couldn't keep 2 cats at the time. I still miss him so much! Rascal was my other baby, a huge Maine Coon type cat. He wasn't fat at all, just big, at 17 lbs. He liked to take showers and would sit on the edge of the tub and yowl until I picked him up. Then he would stretch out on my arm. After a while he got too heavy for that. But he was great at pest control and kept all shrews and voles out of my veggies. All these kitties have passed on now, but I have wonderful memories of my cats.
The best dog I've had was a butterscotch color pup who looked like a cross between a Dingo and a McKenzie River Husky. She was smart as a whip! She loved cookies and Tostitos fat free chips. She would beg 4 or 5 pieces, and then start stashing them around the house in various hiding places. She was a nibbler so she never got fat. Those are the only human foods she would get though. Thanks for the chance to share Carrie, and good luck everyone!

Jenn said...

oooh I'm so excited!! Crossing my fingers to win some snippet happiness!!! hmmm...which pet to tell you about. I grew up with Great Danes...such sweet and precious friends. True gentle giants. Joker and Midnight. Right now we have a cat Mazzy who we adopted 13 years ago. She was rescued from a dumpster during a big rain storm. She was the only kitten the mama could hold in her mouth to save from the flood. It still makes me want to cry! This was when my husband and I were dating, so she was our 1st child:)

Happy weekend Carrie and Happy Mother's Day too since you are such a wonderful Mom to animals:)

Krissysart said...

How fun! Count me in. Yes, congrats on the following. How wonderful! Your kitties are wonderul.

Jennie said...

Please count me in for your give-away, what fun! Congratulations on so many followers! Even though I'm not technically a follower, you're on my blog as a favorite and I'm always checking in to see what's new with you!

I used to have a Peke that was sooooo mean. My little "Biscuit" would bite everyone's ankles, including mine! One of my sweetest memories is one I didn't know about till long after he passed. A friend was watching him while I was out of town; turns out my friend gave little Biscuit a Burger King Whopper for dinner. My friend figured if Biscuit had lived to 15 he had earned himself some fast food. I still laugh imagining how my little one must have gobbled that treat up!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

GraceBeading said...

I have had so many that have touch my heart, but none like Bob. I adopted Bob from the SPCA, he was 2 at the time and was being fostered by a woman that was also fostering kittens. Bob let the kittens nurse on him (happily) until his belly bled, he loved everything and everyone, especially crowds and parties. I was told by his foster mom that his original owners bawled when they gave him (and their dog) up, but had to because they had become homeless.

He slept next to my face every night and when I went through a bit of a medical scare for 10 months, he slept either with or on me, always close, always watchful.

He met me at the door every time I came home. I lost him in 2004 to kidney problems, he was only 8 and I can't even type this without crying. He was a big fat orange and white tabby with freckles on his nose. I miss that cat more than I can describe.

Jenny S said...

It is a small world!!We love your mom's items! They are beautiful!! I am loving your items! WOW!! Add me into your giveaway please!!
My special pet was Micro. She has been gone a little over a year now, but she way my baby for just over 18 years. Small little black fiest dog!! She was the best and I still get choked up talking about her!! My five year old still asks when she is going to stop playing with the angels and come back and play with us. Kills me every time!

Anonymous said...

I have had a few pets mostly in particular..Mr.Felix..had him for almost 4 years..he was very special to me...a part of my family...he was very silly and would jump on the wall and batt at invisible spiders! :O) Or play stuck up when you call his name, close his eyes and snub his nose! On this past Christmas day he went missing and found out that someone was stealing pets from others...pretty sad if you ask me. Maybe one day I will have another furry friend! A big congrats on your 100th followers!! xoxo

Alexiev said...


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Pepi said...

Me encanta tu blog y las cosas que haces son muy originales y preciosa y tienen un no se que que te engancha,me alegra mucho haber descubierto tu blog te seguiré,estas cosas son para no perder detalle.Un saludo desde españa.

Chicken Lips said...

Thank you for constantly brightening my day with your amazing creations!

My best friend is my dog Gus...a chihuahua that works with me in my office all day long. He looks a lot like the Taco Bell mascot (from several years ago). He's as smart as a tack and tough as nails (not your average, frail chihuahua)! Gus is going on 10 years old this year. It's amazing how much an animal can brighten our day! You just know there is a God, when you look at all these amazing creatures we are blessed with.

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

How adorable! You too are a breath of fresh air for me as well. My favorite pet would have to be my current baby min pin Emmy. She's a snuggler.

Pattee said...

My story would have to be about Milo a Himalayan cat that was dumped at my dad's ranch in Montana.

We (brother, dad, dad's wife, my son and I) were sitting around having coffee one morning. My dad says "Tom (brother) go get my riffel and go shoot some of the feral cats around here." My son only being about 4 didn't know what feral cats were or that my brother was going to kill cats, but of course he wanted to go with his Uncle Tom. I quickly got up and said I'd go also.

As we were walking out comes this bedraggled cat. He'd been hiding in a pile of wood.. My brother takes aim and I well I step in front of the gun and tell my brother to put it down, he says step aside....
As we are arguing my son goes over to the cat and carries him up to us. "I want to keep him." he says....

Well Milo did travel home with us from Montana to Washington. He was the sweetest, most loving cat. My son said and still says (he's 23 now) that Milo was the smartest cats ever... because he lived in the wild...

I really miss him.

LYNDY WARD said...

Hi Carrie, CONGRATS ON THE 100 + FOLLOWERS!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog & the sweet comments.

Gosh, all my pets are so very special to me. Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish & even miniature Turtles. Picking just one to remember would have to be Midnight my beautiful black cat with the glowing yellow gold eyes. She was the cat circus ring leader & queen because she took care of everyone meaning all the cats plus hubby & me. She would wave her paw around so you could bend down & she could kiss & lick your forehead.

Now this might sound a bit funny, but the day we brought Midnight home our Tabby cat Kato said in a cat like meow voice "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE CAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!" Midnight walked up to Kato & licked him behind his ears & they both just purrred & purrred. She's in heaven now with Kato. AND we have eight more saved cats with a black German Shepherd that thinks she's a cat too!

Have a Meowy Mother's Day As Well!!! Cuz You're A Wonderful Fur Baby Mommy!

Blessings With Lots Of Kitty Head Bumps... LOL :)

XOXOs, Lyndy >^..^<

Talking Horses Arts said...

OOh Carrie I would love to enter your give away! Can I?
Would be honored to own one a piece of your art..
Thanks so much for being so generous!