Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cat Craziness! Trap, Neuter, Return....Raccoons...Kitten rescue

First and foremost, THANK YOU so much for your kind and loving words about my Rosie!! Your comforting thoughts are extremely appreciated.

Over the weekend, we went on a trapping adventure behind a nearby cafe. There are 10 cats and kittens being fed and cared for by the owner of the cafe. He was extremely nice and concerned and desperately wanted help getting them spayed and neutered. We were able to trap 7 of them (and a possum) on Friday night and get them to the monthly clinic on Saturday. Thankfully, 2 of the 7 were the constantly reproducing females!! Yaaaahoo!! I also brought home a tiny kitten to keep him safe while his mom was being spayed. Then, on Sunday night, we headed back out and trapped 2 more (and another possum :)). 9 out of 10 was definitely a BIG success! The remaining cat is a male and was just too smart for us. 2 of the kitties that we trapped are about 4 months old and were both born without one of their back feet. Thankfully, the cafe owner is going adopt them!!!!! He is also adopting the little kitten that we brought home. Yippee!! Here is a photo of the cutie sweet pea....

When i delivered this little boy yesterday, the man at the cafe told me about a couple that needs help TNRing 27 cats at their home. Yikes!!! That is going to take some serious planning and manpower. When is the city going to understand that we need a full service, full time, TRULY low cost spay/neuter clinic??? Well, we just have to take it one step at a time, one colony at a time, one cat at a time.

I have been feeding 3 colonies nearby while their regular caretaker is out of town. One of the locations is in the bushes by a warehouse. There is a mama raccoon and 3 babies who frequent the feeding spot. The other night they came out early and got SO close to me. They are so cute and funny, but i am a bit wary of them!

One of the other colonies is at the stockyards. The 6 cats who come regularly are all bobtails. The orange one is named Mama Snuggs....she had many little snuggs before we came along and "snipped" her last fall!! We have snipped all of the others except one of the torti girls. She has been impossible to trap, but we are going to try again soon.

Last night, while we were feeding at the stockyards, we unexpectedly had to rescue 4 kittens....that is a story for tomorrow. They are in really bad shape, so we are headed to the vet this afternoon. Keep your paws crossed that they will be ok!

OK, i have GOT to get to the art table for a few hours and try to get some work done! See you guys later!


Jill said...

WOW! You had a busy weekend! I don't know how you keep up with all the emotion involved. I guess it's because you are doing such a wonderful thing helping all these kitties! Bless the cafe owner for giving the footless kitties & the other kitty a home! The raccoons are adorable but they can be mean I've heard. Congrats on another successful weekend! I'm sure Rosie was helping you out from above!

Judy C said...

Those of us who love animals are grateful to you. I am going to talk to my Very Significant Other about maybe doing dog rescue work. Your work is wonderful.

Pepi said...

Haces una labor maravillosa con todas estas monadas,que caritas tan dulces.¡Y los mapaches! que graciosos.Un saludo.

The Creek Cats said...

You are amazing! Wow! That is a whole lotta kitties! Great job, Carrie! We are purring very hard for the sickly ones....bless heart!!
Our area is also in need of a full time low cost spay/neuter facility. We are lucky to get the NC state mobile clinic come down a few times a year and the pet over population patrol. So that helps with the cost.

So, what kind of bait do you use? I've tried everything to get the kitty with the large facial wound with no luck. At that same colony we have a pair of raccoons that like to make using the drop trap a little trickier by climbing on it. They are cute though!

Great work!

Ronna said...

You are wonderful. I wish I lived closer...I'd be keen to roll up my sleeves and help. Keep up the great work!

quitethecrow said...

Me again...your tireless efforts and wonderful stories continue to inspire me. You're weekend was spent in such a meaningful way.

I love raccoons, but I too am a bit wary of them.

I hope all the sick kitties are doing okay and was so happy to hear that the cafe owner was willing to take some in. Have you heard of any other kitties in the area without a back paw? It sounds like some genetic mishap.

The neutering costs are significant. I have worked with our local FFF group and been able to secure reduced fees for the two we trapped. However, it still runs about $100 each and so we can't do that too often since my husband is laid off right now. I don't know how you are able to do so many! Bless you for your tireless efforts!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

beware of feeding raccoons as they will attack and kill cats if they are threatened or are hungry..we try not to feed them as they have tried grabbing our kittys..I love all the photos I have seen and am so sorry for your loss of your kitty..I wish I could take home all of the kittys you have shown me..Iam so baby hungry for a kitten...I just wish they would stay as kittens..:)best of luck with your fundraising..I send money all the time to the foundations that i get in the mail..:)