Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SnipPet WIPs and a few new kitty pics

Just a little peek at what is on the table for this week. These three will be sort of St. Francis inspired...animals holding birds out in the garden. One of them is a special order piece...a pekingese pup princess.

These cutie patooties are going to be trick or treaters and clowns. It is going to take several days for them to dry, and i am itching to get them all dolled up!

My foster kittens are doing SO great! They romp around my art room all day finding plenty of mischief to get into. They are going to be spayed and neutered next Tuesday and then, it's adoption time! OH, i dread that part, as always. I get so attached, but know I must find loving homes for them.

Last but not least...Missy our "feral" kitty snoozing on the back patio in her bed. Now, THAT is serious summer relaxation!


The Creek Cats said...

Those kittens are too precious! I've got 2 traps set right now behind the building where I work. Trying to catch a momma and her kitten!

Thanks for the info on the drop trap. We actually used PVC from my old iguana enclosure and built our own. Gonna try it out this afternoon to catch that kitty with the eye issue. Some of the other volunteers tried it our yesterday on some other kitties to to make sure it works. Wish me luck!!!

The Creek Cats said...

Just got 2 kittens with the traps. Saw one more next to the trap, mom just staring at me. Using one of the trapped kittens as bait to lure her in. And here I thought it was only a mom and one kitten!!!! Oh boy!

Good luck with your colony of 10 on Friday!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

First time visiting your blog. I *love* those babycats!!
Your work is wonderful and amazing.
~ Miss Emily and Mom Bobbie

Jill said...

The kitties are just precious! The gray one looks like a little wooly sheep! Surely they will all be adopted quickly. How could they not being that cute? It'll be hard to say goodbye though I'm sure. Happy day to you! ~ Jill

Laura said...

Adorable, and the reason I would never be able to foster - I'd want to keep them all!

Pepi said...

Esto promete,seguro que queda precioso......hay!...cuantos gatitos guapos.Que tengas una buena semana.

Brandi McKenna said...

Adorable I'm such a softie for kitties! Love the pics of your unfinished white sculpted pieces. So beautiful to see all.

Anya said...

What a lovely blogsite you have :)
Soooo cute kittens and so nice toys and ART, its beautiful :)

Anya :)
Kareltje =^.^=
from the Netherlands :)