Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Boyd (formerly Garfield) update

We had a wonderful weekend with a bittersweet ending! My parents drove to Lexington from Raleigh, NC for a visit. We had a GREAT time! We enjoyed meals at our standard favorites...Ramsey's and El Mariachi and tried some new places....Flag Fork Herb Farm Cafe and Claudia Sanders restaurant (started by Colonel Sanders' wife). Mom and I explored the used bookstore and several flea markets and antique shops on Saturday. We can ALWAYS find some quirky and whimsical treasures. We also had a delightful afternoon at the Talon Winery. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy day...sipping good wine and laughing with the other wine tasters!

As for the bittersweet part.... Mr. Boyd (changed his name from Garfield), the FIV+ kitty that I told you about, headed back to Raleigh yesterday with my parents. He is going to the wonderful no-kill cat shelter where my mom volunteers. I am SO unbelievably grateful for that. I know he will get excellent care and hopefully, the purrfect person will come along quickly and give him a loving home. I am just heartbroken because I loved him with all my heart. In 3 short weeks, he crept so far into my heart. His mannerisms and personality and those precious chipmunk cheeks....too much! I cried and cried yesterday as I loaded him into the car and watched them drive away. Fortunately, I talked to mom and dad twice while they were on the road and they said that Mr. Boyd sat on my mom's lap the whole way except for when he got down to use the litter box :). What a good boy!! They said that he watched the windshield wipers with great fascination and slept quietly the rest of the time.

Thank you to everyone who was concerned about Mr. Boyd! I have thoroughly appreciated the support.

Mr. Boyd's face looks so much better now, but I think he will always have a few battle scars on his sweet nose. He is full of character!

Afternoon at the winery...


Jill said...

Reminds me so much of driving our sweet FIV+ Morris to the no-kill sanctuary in Iowa last year. He slept on my daughter's lap the entire way except for when he tried to climb up front with me! I love that guy & it was sad leaving him but he's doing great. I have no doubt someone will come along & adopt Mr. Boyd!

Ronna said...

You did a good deed (again)! You saved him and I'm sure someone whill come along and love him up. Hard to resist that sweet, chipmunky face!

Ewa said...

You and Your Parents are wonderfull!
I"m sure that someone will love Mr.Boyd like You!
Best wishes from me and my cats from Poland:)

Evelyn said...

Mr. Boyd is lookin' good! I'm sorry for your heartache, but so happy is going to a no-kill shelter. Hugs to you and Mr. Boyd.