Sunday, May 2, 2010

SnipPet Fundraiser in honor of Be Kind to Animals Week!

In case you didn't know, Be Kind to Animals Week started today! Hooray!!!! I wanted to do something special to celebrate, so I have created a section in my Etsy shop dedicated to fundraising for three amazing rescue groups: Good Mews Animal Foundation (no kill cat shelter in Atlanta GA), Caring Hearts Feline Rescue (cat and kitten rescue in Versailles KY) and the Home At Last Feral Cat Program (spay/neuter clinic in Lexington KY). I have volunteered for all of them and can attest to the fantastic work they all do. They are all local groups that rely solely on donations, so they need our support.

100% of the sales in my fundraising section will go directly toward the group of your choice and it will be given in your name. Also, I am going to specify that the money be used to help fund their spay/neuter programs. So, it's basically shopping for snipping!! Lastly, as a little further incentive, I have reduced the prices of all the items that were put into this section to make them very affordable.

Click here to start shopping.

Gisele says, "Kindness to animals is what it's all about!!" (our former foster kitty... taken off the street and in a loving home now.)


Carolee said...

Awwwww, what an adorable kitty! MUST figure out a way to eek out some extra cash this week - one of these days I'll own one of your beautiful pieces!

~ Carolee

By Way of Salem said...

Oh what a face. Looks like quite a talker to me.

Melody said...

Your work is amazing; both what you create and your helping the animals!