Monday, January 4, 2010

Valentine Munchkins are here! xoxoxox

I was extremely anxious to get started on Valentine SnipPets, so i started sculpting a few right before Christmas and got them painted last week. I LOVE Valentine's Day!!! I always have....long before boyfriends and romantic love entered my life. Even as a child, I just adored everything about Valentine's Day. Creating handmade Valentines from snips of paper, paint, doilies and glitter was a treasured activity (an early indication of my mixed media obsession :)!). And remember those mailboxes made from shoeboxes that you would put together for school Valentine exchanges??? So much fun! And since I have a major sweet tooth, the candy/chocolate part of the holiday makes it even more appealing. Every year, my dad would come home from work with 2 big red heart boxes of chocolates under his arm...a red one for my mom and a pink one for me! My mom would make us a special Valentine dinner and always had some special gift beautifully wrapped for me on my placemat. She knew how important the day was to me. I think it is a wonderful time to celebrate all kinds of, friendships, and of course, the love of our beloved furry companions :).

So, here are some of my munchkin Valentines. These are listed in my Etsy shop and the rest will be available during this month's Pfatt and STJ updates! Also, SnipPet bookmarks are back in my shop! They are $4.00 each with FREE shipping and 100% of the profits will go straight to spaying/neutering kitties in Lexington! These bookmarks are a perfect little Valentine gift and a great way to spread the furry love :).


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

We would like to start the year with a Valentine snippet ~ to show that we love what you are doing for cats.
We'd like a "cat" one (like the one on this post ~ but would like a male cat one) but couldn't find one in your etsy shop. Can you let us know if you make one please?
Mom had a lilac point siamese she adored (Henry 1985 ~ 2004) and would like the snippet as a remembrance of him too.

Pepi said...

Uohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!........que lindos, son preciosos, veo que el año nuevo bienes con mucha energia.

The Creek Cats said...

Love the awesome new Valentine Munchkins!! And the bookmarks are great! Headed over to pick one up!

Jill said...

LOVE the new Valentine munchkins! I think I need one of those cute bookmarks too!
I remember decorating shoeboxes too for the Valentine exchange in grade school & then helping my kids do theirs. So fun! Happy creating in 2010! ~ Jill

icandy... said...

They are so sweet!
One of my favorite memories of Valentine's day??? Making those mailboxes!
Oh, and did I mention that it's my favorite holiday ever!!!??? :)